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Gerudo Valley

Cross Gerudo Bridge Without Epona/Longshot

With Hoverboots

You can also cross with a superslide or a hess and hoverboots. This is generally the fastest method as you can hess/superslide into the loading zone

With Hookshot

With Hookshot Swordless


Occasionally, you will get the megaflip but Link will slip off the post. This is indicative of an error somewhere in the set-up procedure.

Cucco Jump

The Cucco Jump was once the only way to enter Gerudo Fortress as a Child. Here is a setup that only uses sword:

Note that it can be done with a deku stick using a quickdraw.

Clip Methods

If you fail crossing the gerudo bridge, there are a few ways to clip out of bounds and void out to go back all the way up.

Ledge Clip

Child Sidehop Clip Near the Ladder

Adult Ladder Clip as Adult

Adult Swordless Ladder Clip

Jumpslash Clip

It's possible to jumpslash ground clip on the left side of the last waterfall. Is slightly precise, you want an angle slightly to the left of the wall before the waterfall. Additionally, you want to Jumpslash as close to the waterfall as possible without hitting it canceling the jumpslash

Last updated 01/11/2022 – rosewater