Gerudo Valley

Cross Gerudo Bridge Without Epona/Longshot

No-ISG Megaflip

This is one of the most precise tricks in the game, in terms of positioning, which explains the lengthy set up. Starting from the first corner shown in the video:

  1. Sidehop 5 times and you will hang off the ledge
  2. Do 3 neutral rolls (without analog stick input)
  3. Sidehop 4 times followed by a sideroll (press A straight after the final sidehop)
  4. Sidehop a further 4 times followed by another sideroll
  5. Sidehop twice followed by a side roll
  6. Do a neutral roll followed by a sidehop
  7. Do 2 backflips
  8. Shield drop the bomb instantly (so it lands slightly to the side) then roll and backflip
  9. Roll into the bomb on the big blue frame
  10. On the first frame that Link is standing out of the explosion with his shield up, hold down on the analog stick for one frame
  11. Finally, add A to the down input to megaflip

Occasionally, you will get the megaflip but Link will slip off the post. This is indicative of an error somewhere in the set-up procedure.

Hookshot strat

Cucco Jump

The Cucco Jump was once the only way to enter Gerudo Fortress as a Child. Here is a setup that only uses sword:

Note that it can be done with a deku stick using a quickdraw.

Clip Methods

If you fail crossing the gerudo bridge, there are a few ways to clip out of bounds and void out to go back all the way up.

Ladder clip

Jumpslash clip

It's possible to jumpslash ground clip on the left side of the last waterfall, it's really hard to get any kind of setup from this point though.

Last updated 02/02/2018 – Jbop