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Weirdshot is a strange technique that involves detaching the first-person camera view from Link's actual position, often to a position out of bounds, allowing Link to Hookshot, use the Bow, Slingshot, or Boomerang on things or places where he normally would not be able to.

Method 1

Discovered By: Sockfolder

This method involves a different way to get your camera OoB. Instead of an A-slide, one pulls the Hookshot during a weird slide (this is what gave the name "weirdshot" to this trick despite it originally being found with an A-slide). It involves less pause buffering and is considered the easier method.

Method 2

Made By: enu405969

This is a setup for performing a weirdshot unbuffered. This setup allows for less exact inputs because there are multiple frames to roll, release R, and release Z on. This makes it slightly more practical to try unbuffered.

Method 3

Discovered By: DanS611

This method consists of doing a pause buffered A-Slide and pulling the Hookshot at the right time. This sends your camera OoB and allows for open aiming.

Last updated 07/19/2020 – rosewater