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Sold-Out Sword

Discovered by Kazooie


Using Bottle Adventure, you can put the SOLD OUT icon (for when you sell a mask) onto your B button. It is notable that putting SOLD OUT on your B button works as a fully functional Master Sword. This is the only item in the game apart from the swords themselves that acts like a sword. Saving the game with SOLD OUT on B causes it to revert back to a Deku Stick when you play again.


The value for SOLD OUT is 44, so with Bottle on B as Adult Link, go back in time, and put an item on C-Right that will point towards a memory address that has a value of 44.

Example Method:

  1. Get Bottle to B on adult Link.
  2. Make sure you have 44 Bombchus.
  3. Go back in time.
  4. As child Link, put a bottled Poe on C-Right. (Poe is linked to Bombchu Count)
  5. Go forwards in time.

This puts SOLD OUT on B.

"SOLD OUT" on C as a Child

Discovered by Kazooie, Librari
  1. As a child, dupe over either a mask or Zelda's Letter with a bottle.
  2. With the bottle still in your hand, equip an item with a value of zero, for instance either the deku nuts, or deku sticks. Backflip or jump off of a ledge, and before you hit the ground, press the button the bottle is on followed by the button your select item with a value of 0 is on. This will replace your item slot with a bottle.
  3. Go to the Mask Shop, and trade the mask you duped over for another. This should be a mask that you have not already sold. This mask will be equipped over the item slot of the 0 value item, essentially creating a "fake" mask. Now you can open up the item menu and equip the true mask slot to one of you C-buttons.
  4. Now sell the "fake" mask. This will cause your "fake" mask to be erased, and the real one will remain equipped. If you go to the item menu, you should notice that the mask icon has been replaced by "SOLD OUT".
  5. Return to the Temple of Time and use the Master Sword to change from child to adult, and back to child. "SOLD OUT" will now be equipped to one of your C-buttons. Note: This "SOLD OUT" icon has all of the same properties as the Master Sword, except it can be used in a number of areas where your normal sword cannot, such as inside houses.

Alternate Method

  1. As a child, get a mask and equip it to c.
  2. Get Bottle on B and RBA blue potion to put a bottle over the Child Trade Slot.
  3. Sell the mask and you should still have it equipped to C. Go forward and backwards in time. SOLD OUT should be on C instead of the mask you sold.
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