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Warp Results By Scene

With wrong warping, the area you end up warping to is an important factor in calculating the result of a wrong warp.

Scenes With Alternate Setups

Wrong warps into these scenes will always cause either a specific cutscene to play or crash the game. The cutscene that plays is determined by the blue warp or wrong warp method used to warp to that scene. Wrong warps into these scenes are always version independent. If no cutscene exists for the scene being wrong warped to, the game crashes, as is the case for many Fire Temple Wrong Warps.

The following table lists a description of the cutscene (if any) that will play when wrong warping into one of these scenes via a specific method. Death Hole Wrong Warping is only possible on the 3DS port, but all others work on the console version. "Unused" means that the cutscene is not normally used ingame, so it is inaccessible without Wrong Warps.

IDNameJabu Jabu / Death Hole / Epona Minigames (Cutscene 0)Deku Tree / Dodongo's Cavern / Zelda Escape / Silver Gauntlets (Cutscene 1)Fire Temple (Cutscene 3)Zelda's Courtyard (Cutscene 7)
2Inside Jabu Jabu's BellyRuto collects Zora Sapphire (Unused)CrashCrashCrash
9Ice CavernSerenade of Water (Unused)CrashCrashCrash
23Spirit Temple BossNabooru Knuckle Fight (Unused)Nabooru revealed (Unused)CrashCrash
52Link's HouseMeet NaviBoy Without A FairyCrashCrash
59Great Fairy FountainSpin Attack (Unused) † Enhanced Magic Meter (Unused) †CrashCrash
61Magic Fairy FountainFarore's Wind (Unused) † Din's Fire (Unused) †CrashCrash
65Royal Family's TombSun Song, learning (Unused)Sun Song, after learning (Unused)CrashCrash
66Shooting GalleryAlpha Camera Spin (Unused)Alpha Camera Spin (Unused)CrashCrash
67Temple of TimeMeeting Sheik (Unused)Credits, Leave NaviDoor of Time Opens (Unused)Song of Time
68Chamber of SagesLight MedallionAll MedallionsCrashCrash
71Cutscene MapCreation, Gods IntroducedGanondorf rides through flameGanondorf Enters the Sacred RealmChild Zelda tells of Triforce
74Zelda's CourtyardCreditsZelda's Lullaby (Unused)CrashCrash
77Lots 'o PotsCrashCrashCrashCrash
79Ganon BattleTower CollapseCrashCrashCrash
81Hyrule FieldLink's NightmareZelda EscapeTitleZelda in the Sky
82Kakariko VillageNocturne, Shadow ConfrontationNocturne, Learn SongDeath Mountain ExplodesCrash
83GraveyardRoyal Tomb Opening (Unused)Sun SongCrashCrash
84Zora RiverCrashCrashCrashCrash
85Kokiri ForestCreation (Farore)After Inside Deku TreeNavi Flies to LinkCredits, long pan
86Sacred Forest MeadowMinuet (Unused)Saria's Song (Unused)CrashCrash
87Lake HyliaWater Rising After MorphaCreditsCrashCrash
88Zora's DomainCreditsCrashCrashCrash
89Zora's FountainAfter Jabu Jabu's BellyJabu Jabu Inhaling (Unused)CrashCrash
90Gerudo ValleyCreation, "With [Din's] strong flaming arms"Creaton, "Din..", rocks and lightningCrashCrash
91Lost WoodsFairy OcarinaCrashCrashCrash
92Desert ColossusRequiem of SpiritSilver GauntletsCrashCrash
93Gerudo FortressArchery GameCreditsCrashCrash
96Death Mountain TrailCreation (Nayru)Goron's RubyCreditsCrash
97Death Mountain CraterBolero of Fire (Unused)Title Screen Bolero DemoCrashCrash
98Goron CityGoron Dance (Unused)CreditsCrashCrash
99Lon Lon RanchHorse RaceEpona's Song (after learning)Credits DanceCredits Dance
100Ganon's CastleRainbow Bridge (Unused)CrashCrashCrash

† You do not receive the magic upgrades from these unused cutscenes

Scenes Without Alternate Setups

Wrong warps that warp into the following scenes will always be affected by the previous cutscene / cutscene pointer, and will usually require that you watch a specific cutscene before attempting the wrong warp in order to avoid softlocks or crashes. Wrong warps into these scenes can be version dependent.

The following is a list of all scenes that when wrong warped to will play a cutscene determined by the last cutscene watched.

0Deku Tree20Forest Temple Boss39House of Twins58Gravekeeper's Hut
1Dodongo's Cavern21Fire Temple Boss40Mido's House60Small Fairy Fountain
3Forest Temple22Water Temple Boss41Saria's House62Grottos
4Fire Temple24Shadow Temple Boss42Kakariko Village House63Grave with Redead
5Water Temple25Ganondorf Boss Room43Back Alley Village House64Grave with Shield
6Spirit Temple26Tower Collapse Exterior44Bazaar69Castle Courtyard - Day
7Shadow Temple27Market Entrance - Child Day45Kokiri Shop70Castle Courtyard - Night
8Bottom of the Well28Market Entrance - Child Night46Goron Shop72? (Windmill/Dampe's Grave)
10Ganon's Tower Climb29Market Entrance - Adult47Zora Shop73Fishing Pond
11Gerudo Training Grounds30Back Alley - Day48Kakariko Potion Shop75Bombchu Bowling Alley
12Thieves' Hideout31Back Alley - Night49Market Potion Shop76Ranch Buildings
13Inside Ganon's Castle32Market - Child Day50Bombchu Shop78Granny's Potion Shop
14Tower Collapse Interior33Market - Child Night51Happy Mask Shop80House of Skulltula
15Tower Collapse Interior Exit34Market - Adult53Puppy Woman's House94Haunted Wasteland
16Treasure Box Shop35Outside Temple of Time - Child Day54Stables95Hyrule Castle
17Deku Tree Boss36Outside Temple of Time - Child Night55Impa's House  
18Dondogo's Cavern Boss37Outside Temple of Time - Adult56Lakeside Laboratory  
19Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly Boss38Know-it-all Brothers57Carpenter's Tent 
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