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Down A

Discovered by Fiercelinkmaster

Normally Link is only in the "Down A" state when climbing ladders or certain surfaces such as vines. However, with the following technique Link can maintain Down A while he is not actually climbing something.

  • Go to any ladder or climbable vine.
  • Place a bomb to the side of the ladder/vine (this can also be done with a bombchu but one would need to time the explosion well).
  • While standing just in front of the ladder, take out your sword and hold forward, then press and hold Z and R just as Link grabs the ladder/vine.
  • If done correctly, Link will have his shield out while on the bottom rung of the ladder/vine and will be unable to move until you let go of R or his shield is hit by an explosion.
  • Let the bomb hit Link's shield and he will fall off the ladder/vine. "Down" will remain on the A button and the camera will be stuck in climbing mode.
  • Jumping off a ledge, climbing anything, receiving damage, or entering a new area will cancel Down A.

The Down A state has a number of useful and interesting effects, including:

  • Link is invincible (however damage will cause Link to lose Down A).
  • It allows Link to walk normally on slippery slopes.
  • It causes Collection Delay when receiving items from NPCs.
  • The Down A camera allows Link to perform 360-degree hovering. However, the C-buttons are normally disabled while in Down A.
  • If one performs the Swordless Link glitch, then Down A, all C-buttons will be enabled and Link will be able to use any C item, even ones that are normally restricted:

On 1.0, you can press Deku Nut on the first frame of vine grabbing to activate Down A without an explosive.

Last updated 07/04/2021 – NatalyaHasDied