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Hitpoints: 10

AI Notes

The Gohma fight starts with Gohma crawling along the ground (her "floor" pattern).

While following the "floor" pattern, Gohma will pursue Link, and will begin an attack (turning her eye red to indicate she's vulnerable to the slingshot) whenever Link is within range. If Gohma cannot reach Link due to a pillar obstructing the path, she will climb up that instead, and begin her "ceiling" pattern. If the attack misses, Gohma's claws become "stuck" in the ground, extending the time that she can be stunned by the slingshot, else the eye will immediately revert back to yellow. Regardless of her eye color, Gohma can be stunned by Deku Nuts at any time while in her "floor" pattern.

Gohma will continue to pursue/attack as long as she hasn't moved from the "floor" pattern into her "ceiling" pattern.

The "ceiling" pattern is triggered under two conditions: 1. When the path to Link is obstructed by a pillar 2. When Gohma is dealt damage.

However, if you stun Gohma on the ground, it's possible to re-stun her by tossing a Deku Nut before the stun period ends, resetting the damage count used to determine Gohma should move into the next pattern.

In the "ceiling" pattern, Gohma will climb the nearest wall or pillar, then work her way to roughly the center of the ceiling. When she stops moving, her eye will turn red, leaving her open to being stunned by almost any combat item. If she is stunned, she will fall from the ceiling, but will continue to follow the "ceiling" pattern from the beginning. Once her eye closes while on the ceiling, Gohma will be invulnerable and will lay larva eggs that will hatch into Gohma Larva. After all eggs/larva are destroyed, Gohma will drop down, and start following her "floor" pattern once again.

When stunned by Deku Nuts or Deku Seeds while Gohma is on the ground, she will remain stunned for ~40 frames (~2 seconds). If she is stunned by shooting her while she is on the ceiling, the stun will last for ~144 frames (~7 seconds) instead.

On the floor, Gohma can only be stunned by the Fairy Slingshot and Deku Nuts. When hanging from the ceiling, she can be stunned by all attacks except for the Deku Nuts and Megaton Hammer's "ground shake" ability (though most attacks won't be able to reach normally), making it possible to beat her without having the Slingshot and the Deku Nuts. When stunned, Gohma can only be dealt damage by all swords, the Deku Stick, and the Megaton Hammer.

Defeat Gohma in a Single Cycle

Stun Gohma with your slingshot or a deku nut, then do a deku jumplash, then crouchstab. This makes your crouch stab deal a damage of 4 instead of 1, or 2 if you were to do a jumpslash with the Kokiri sword. Gohma will die in 3 crouch stabs

Gohma Clip

The Gohma Clip strategy is used to set up the Ganondoor wrong warp. It was the old method used in Any%; it is still faster to do it in MST.

Gohma Clip requires a stored Deku Stick Jumpslash before triggering the fight. Activate the infinite sword glitch, go to the right hand corner of the door (when facing it) then backflip on the first big eye frame. Make sure that the tip of your sword is clipping the wall on your left. If not, then let go of the control stick and flick your shield until your sword is clipping.

If you didn't clip the first time, hold left and use the same backflip frame.

After you clip, walk back a little bit and wait until you hear Gohma stomp. Throw a deku nut, then sidehop three times in a rhythmic pattern (~100BPM) to defeat Gohma.


  • The first and second frame of Gohma's fully-extended eye look similar. To tell them apart: if you hear Gohma scream during unpause lag, you are a frame late.
  • It is 4 frames (0.2 seconds) faster to defeat Gohma with rolls. However, it requires a frame-perfect input and it's not as consistent as sidehopping.

Double K.O.

The double KO strategy is the current way to defeat Gohma in Any%.

Enter the boss room with as close to 1/2 a heart left as possible. Perform a Deku Stick Jumpslash before the fight to store the attack power for our crouch stabs. If you have more than 1/2 a heart remaining, touch Gohma to take 1/2 a heart of damage. Throw one Deku Nut, crouch stab once, repeat with another Deku Nut, crouch stab then finish with a jumpslash.

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