Owl Wrong Warp

You can perform a Cutscene Wrong Warp with the Owl Statues by loading a new area as it attempts to take you back to the title screen. This is a Cutscene 0 wrong warp, which adds an offset of 1 to your entrance index and also attempts to load Scene Setup 1 of the destination scene, which is used for cutscenes and may have additional, missing, or moved actors. Performing an Owl Wrong Warp puts the game in a certain state that prevents cutscenes in the destination scene from playing. It can currently be performed with loading zones or voids.

With Voiding (Void Warps)

This is currently possible in 3 areas: West Clock Town, Ikana Canyon, and Zora Cape.

West Clock Town

Performing this with the Hidden Owl Statue in West Clock Town, you can access the Credits version of West Clock Town.

Ikana Canyon

Zora Cape

With Loading Zones

This uses Inverted Song of Time Storage for Text Transfer Glitch on the owl, which lets you activate the warp to title screen as you enter a loading zone.

Last updated 12/21/2023 – Exodus