Skip the Giants Cutscenes

Discovered by GlitchesAndStuff

At the end of each dungeon, there is usually a long cutscene in which Link and Tatl are talking to one of the giants. This trick skips these cutscenes through use of the Song of Time Storage glitch.

When you play the Song of Time, the game will be saved once you choose Yes when it prompts you whether or not you want to go back to the first day. If the game is saved after the remains are put into the inventory, you can safely reset the console and still keep the remains, thus skipping the cutscene.

How To

  1. Store the Song of Time outside of the boss room
  2. Before the boss is dead, bring up the Song of Time text box
  3. After the boss is dead, go into the blue warp and select 'Yes' in the text box just as Link starts to hold up the remains.
  4. Reset the console and load the game file

When you load the file, you should have the remains in your equipment screen.


  • The first giant's cutscene should never be skipped in any category that completes the game, as this will prevent them from ever learning the Oath to Order which is required to get to the moon.
  • The Song of Time text must be triggered before the boss is dead as it cannot be brought up after a boss dies.
  • The boss remains are put in the inventory on the first frame they disappear from the screen
  • As heart containers have a text box which overwrites the song of time text box, this trick cannot be used in 100% or any time where the heart container is required.

Remains Escape

Remains Escape can also be used to skip the giant cutscenes.

Last updated 03/25/2024 – mzxrules