Inverted Stone Tower Temple

─── First room ───

Long jump to death armos

Setup by Samp
Setup by Malagutti (slower but consistent)

Boss key skip with hookslide (first room)

  1. Press the switch under the death armos to spawn the chest on the ceiling
  2. Hookshot to the chest to land on the upper platform
  3. Align with the wall and move to the location shown in the video, then turn 180deg
  4. Target and aim the hookshot at the chest, then drink full milk to activate remote hookshot
  5. Continue holding target and up to run forwards
  6. Press the hookshot button right as Link reaches the edge
  7. Immediately force unequip the hookshot
  8. Once Link begins hovering midair, re-equip the hookshot and use it to hookslide to Twinmold

─── Updraft room ───

Sun block clip

Discovered by Kaztalek

There are several ways to clip through the sun block. The methods for clipping here are the same as the ones in STT. Since this room has no water in ISTT, it's usually best to clip as human.

As human

ESS turn, c-up, and diagonal notch setups

This video was made in ISTT, but the clip works the same way in STT. All three setups shown involve rolling on a HESS frame.

Skip with hover

It is also possible to skip the block by hovering up with 7 explosives and backflipping over the entire thing. However, if aiming to conserve explosives, it can be climbed in 6 by means of an angle change and sidehop at the end, or 5 by means of an angle change and gainer at the end. It should be noted that the 5-explosive is very risky as only 3 input frames are available to successfully complete the gainer to grab the block, as failing it would waste the explosives trying to be saved. Using 7 explosives is typically the best way to go about this block because the way to conserve explosives wastes more time than saving one extra explosive would grant. Do not grab the block as Zora Link at the end as you will be crushed by the low ceiling!

As Zora

Entry position setup
  1. Line up the hilt of the sword with the doorframe as seen in the video and enter
  2. Pull a bomb, wait until it is fully over Link's head, then shield drop it
  3. Transform Zora and continue holding A out of transformation to prepare to swim
  4. Walk into corner and target sun block
  5. Hold up and slightly left on control stick to direct swim (not needed to clip)
Crouch stab setup
  1. Get into the left corner so that you're facing the block and hold Z
  2. Still holding Z, hold R, left on the control stick, and crouch stab the corner twice
  3. Pull out a bomb, shield drop it and roll so that you are against the block
  4. Sidehop to the left once
  5. Put on the Zora mask and hold Z

Flaming fairy chest

Setup by Imbued

The input to open the chest while the fire is up is frame perfect, so this setup prevents Link from falling off the platform after a failed attempt.

  1. Get very close to edge and target the pillar
  2. Turn 90deg right (tap, shield turn, or ESS turn)
  3. Dry roll (Z + A)
  4. Aim the hookshot as shown in the video
  5. To open the chest: 5f after tapping the hookshot button or 4f after releasing the held hookshot button, press A, or press start to pause and then press A in the unpause lag

─── Eyegore room ───

Getting to the eyegore early skips several rooms and two small keys.

Recoil flip to eyegore

Stand near the edge (not too near or the dexihand will grab Link) and recoil flip. With good position, the backflip for this recoil flip must be on one of the last two frames before the bomb explodes (big blue or big red). While in the air, hold left slightly to bend the recoil flip to land on the platform.

  • A slightly easier version that pulls the bomb out after getting in position
  • An even easier version that uses c-up to aim before the recoil flip to avoid needing to hold left midair

Kill eyegore from below

Stand at an angle close to the ledge, but not so close that the dexihand grabs Link. Sidehop to fall and hold up midair, when time a stick or sword jumpslash to land on the platform. Get to the top of the slope as shown to have a good vantage point on the eyegore. Shooting its eye while it's attacking to stun it is straightforward, but the second shot to damage it is somewhat precise. Aim the bow roughly between the eyegore's raised arms to hit the eye. From here, it's possible to hookshot to the Giant's Mask chest (see below).

Hookshot to Giant's Mask chest from below

This video shows three spots where hookshotting to the Giant's Mask chest from below is possible. This can be done from either side of the room.

Boss key skips (outdated strats)

Discovered by MrGrunz

In the room under the Eyegore bridge, there is a balcony with 2 enemy pots on it. At the spot where the edge of the balcony intersects the invisible wall bounding the room, there is a small spot where you can clip out of bounds and hover directly to the boss room. To get to this spot, there are two main procedures you can take:

Option 1

Aim at the out of bounds spot from the corner of the platform closest to it, then turn around and get ISG. Do 4 hovers holding down-left toward the platform, making sure to Z-Target a chu on the second hover, then change angle toward the out of bounds spot. Hover out of bounds, avoiding the pots, then keep hovering toward the loading zone. This method is considered extremely difficult, and is usually only recommended for a segmented run.

Option 2

This method is generally safer than the previous method, as there are less obstacles preventing you from getting out of bounds. Go to the same corner of the platform as in the first method, but walk up the slope to your left and recoil flip to the balcony. Destroy the pots, then do a hover down off the balcony. Pull and shield a chu while sidehopping left, change your angle toward the out of bounds spot, then hover down below the balcony and up toward the out of bounds spot. From there, just hover to the loading zone.

─── Wizzrobe room ───

When the wizzrobe tries to begin the mid-fight cutscene where it runs around, there is a 2f window during which it's vulnerable. If it is hit during this window, it will continue trying to start the mid-fight cutscene until it succeeds or dies.

Wizzrobe with light arrows

Four light arrow hits kill the wizzrobe. To time the shots that stop the mid-fight cutscene, release the bow button right after the wizzrobe's head reaches its leftmost point for the second time in its rising animation. To skip the cutscene of the chest spawning, sidehop from the spot shown within a 3f window as the wizzrobe's spin is slowing down in its death animation. Sidehopping too late means watching the chest cutscene and then voiding, but sidehopping too early means redoing the entire fight.

─── Boss door room ───

Boss key skip (recoil flip)

  1. Hookshot up and target the wall in the position shown (not precise)
  2. Shield drop a bomb, then do three target slashes on the wall (can be 3, 2+1, or 1+2)
  3. Turn left, wait if needed, and recoil flip; the timing for this recoil flip is lenient and just needs to be somewhat near the time of the explosion
  • A slightly easier version that pulls the bomb out after getting in position
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