─── Ikana Canyon ───

Clip into Sakon's Hideout

There are many ways to do this. The video below shows the three methods described here.

roll to clip

  1. Target anywhere along the left side of the boulder
  2. Sidehop right to get near the crack
  3. Hold forward to walk
  4. When the upper right corner of Link's shield is near the crack, press A to roll
  5. Switch to holding left as soon as Link clips

Goron setup

  1. As Goron, target the wall behind the sign where the sign will push Link out to the right
  2. After the sign pushes Link, tap sidehop left twice
  3. Turn or shield turn left
  4. Punch and hold target
  5. Transform human and target
  6. Hold sidehop left

target the sign

  1. Target the sign
  2. Position Link roughly where shown in the video
  3. Sidehop left

Sakon's Hideout intro cutscene skip

To skip the intro cutscene, enter with a bottle in hand, pause within a 2f window, pause buffer L + R, and then pause buffer L + R + bottle on the next frame. Step on the switch, then step off and wait until the door makes a sound. Then step back on. The camera will be awkward once you take control of Kafei; hold approximately up-right to get him to the block to complete the first puzzle so you can regain control of Link.

"Softlock" backup

After doing the intro cutscene skip, failing the room skips (see below) by killing enemies as Link or by getting attacked through a door will give you control of Kafei but keep the camera on Link, which looks like a softlock. However, it is possible to complete Kafei's puzzles blind, as shown here.

Sakon's Hideout room skips

There are multiple ways to skip the puzzles in Sakon's Hideout and go directly to the end. Be careful when attempting these, as falling onto the wrong side or accidentally killing an enemy can result in having control of one character while the other is on screen, which is very awkward.

Hookshot clip method

The babas must be just a little bit away from the wall for Link to squeeze in between and hookshot clip. Jumpslash after the first hookshot clip in order to land on the ground. After the second hookshot clip, the sidehops must follow the camera reorientations: 2 right, 4 left.

─── Ikana Graveyard ───

Captain Keeta skip

There are multiple methods of getting up to the Captain's Hat chest early and multiple methods of opening it with the fire still surrounding it, skipping the chase, fight, and cutscene with Captain Keeta.

Weirdshot method

  1. Weirdshot (1st or 2nd frame) up to the chest
  2. Weirdshot (2nd frame) in front of the chest to be able to hookshot the chest from close range
  3. Press and release the hookshot button, then press A open the chest frame perfectly before Link gets knocked back by the fire; pausing on this frame and pressing A during unpause lag also works

Zora method

This method is slightly slower than the weirdshot method but has no frame perfect components. However, it is risky, as Link will void if touched by flame as Zora, or if you transform Zora while Link is still on fire after touching the flame.

  1. Weirdshot (1st or 2nd frame) up to the chest
  2. Target the low wall and turn 90deg to the right
  3. Place a bomb near the chest
  4. Walk to be in line with the chest and facing it
  5. Transform Zora
  6. Quickdraw fins and face the chest
  7. Shortly before the bomb explodes, begin holding target and run towards the chest
  8. Right after the bomb explodes and Link enters the "damaged while running" animation, press B and A together to begin a Zora slash clip (pause buffer for safety)
  9. Cancel the jumpslash animation by spinning the control stick
  10. Immediately after Link lands, he'll teleport towards the chest, and there are two frames on which you can press A to open the chest before Link burns

─── Stone Tower ───

Enter Stone Tower Temple with timestop

If using bomb timestop as shown in the video, only begin moving just before the bomb explodes; otherwise, Link will move off the switch too early and cause the cutscene to play before you can get timestop.

Invert Stone Tower Temple with bow extension

  1. From the dungeon entrance, shield turn up-right, then tap sidehop twice
  2. Press the bow button shortly before the end of the 2nd sidehop to automatically enter first person upon landing
  3. Get bow extension by holding up, pressing A, and pressing bow again on the next frame
  4. Aim so that the A button on the HUD is next to the block's corner as shown in the video

Invert Stone Tower Temple from owl statue without Elegy

This trick exploits the fact that arrows pause and don't interact with the Stone Tower blocks during the cutscenes while they're moving. These setups coordinate a light arrow shot and stepping on a switch so that the light arrow hasn't yet hit the block before the cutscene starts but is fully behind the block when the cutscene ends.

from soaring

  1. Hold directly right and pause on the frame shown, where Link's head has nearly reached the diagonal texture in the background
  2. Release the control stick and target and press A to dry roll (continue holding target through all remaining steps)
  3. Pull out the bow and nock an arrow
  4. Aim down so that the top tip of the bow is level with the edge of the ground in front of Link
  5. Release the bow button and begin holding right on the same frame

without soaring

  1. Target the wall roughly where shown in the video
  2. Turn 180deg
  3. Do 2 full rolls forward
  4. Target, pull out the bow, and nock an arrow (continue holding target through all remaining steps)
  5. Aim down so that the top tip of the bow is level with the edge of the ground in front of Link
  6. Release the bow button and press A to dry roll on the same frame
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