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Skip the Falling Cutscene

By hitting Gyorg before dropping into the main room, you can skip the intro cutscene of the fight.

Weirdshot Method

Discovered by ???
Setup by Blueser

Extended Bow Method

Discovered by ???
Setup by Aravak 03

Fight Strategy (Standard)

Discovered by ???

By damaging Gyorg next to the center platform, you are able to stunlock the first phase by swimming (with zora barrier) between Gyorg and the wall. The same carries into the 2nd phase, however now there are fish enemies swimming in the water as well.

Fight Strategy (Fierce Deity)

Discovered by ???

Using Fierce Deity, you are able to damage Gyorg from that platform with sword beam stabs. This is useful for SRM categories that have Fierce Deity early.

Last updated 07/23/2021 – Jake