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Skip the intro cutscene

By hitting Gyorg before dropping into the main room, you can skip the intro cutscene of the fight.

Weirdshot method

Setup by Blueser

Bow extension method

Use bow extension to shoot Gyorg from the spot shown in the video. This method is slightly slower than the weirdshot method optimally, and it also makes it harder (though not impossible) to hit Gyorg with the Zora barrier before the arrow stun wears off.

Gyorg with Zora barrier (JP)

By damaging Gyorg next to the center platform, you are able to stunlock the first phase by swimming (with zora barrier) between Gyorg and the wall. The same carries into the 2nd phase, however now there are fish enemies swimming in the water as well. To stun Gyorg at the beginning of phase 2, you can use Zora boomerangs, a pot, the bow, or the hookshot.

Gyorg with Great Fairy Sword and cutscene dive

  1. Hit Gyorg with the Zora barrier once so that one GFS jumpslash will kill it
  2. Stun Gyorg near the platform
  3. Store a GFS jumpslash
  4. Get ISG
  5. Hover above Gyorg
  6. Pull the cutscene item above Gyorg to finish the fight, skipping the mid-fight cutscene

Gyorg with Deku Sword

Hit Gyorg with the Zora barrier once so that one Deku Sword jumpslash will kill it. Then stun Gyorg near the platform, jumpslash into hops on the water to get ISG, and drown above Gyorg to finish the fight, skipping the mid-fight cutscene. For a method that doesn't get ISG, see the video below.

Gyorg as Fierce Deity

Discovered by ???

Using Fierce Deity, you are able to damage Gyorg from that platform with sword beam stabs. This is useful for SRM categories that have Fierce Deity early.

Gyorg remains escape into giant cutscene map

Standard methods for remains escape after defeating Gyorg are slow when you have lots of health because the best way to leave the dungeon is to void as Goron, play Song of Soaring to get to the entrance, and then leave via the turtle. This method lets you soar to your next destination right after voiding, which saves significant time if your next destination isn't Zora Cape.

  1. Perform songless remains escape as normal
  2. After the bomb explodes, pull the ocarina out
  3. Cancel the ocarina to begin a timer counting down to Link being brought to the giant cutscene
  4. Immediately transform Goron
  5. To time voiding, do a full 3-part combo with B, then one more punch, all towards the corner of the platform behind the blue warp
  6. Run off the corner of the platform behind the blue warp to void in the water
  7. If done correctly, Link will fall onto the giant cutscene map, where you can soar

Voiding late will mean you have to watch the giant cutscene, though Link will be Goron during the cutscene. Voiding early brings Link back to the room's entrance, where you can soar out as though you had done standard remains escape and voided.

Last updated 03/30/2024 – Jake