Quick Turnaround

The Quick Turnaround is a small but very useful technique that can shave frames off of every backwalk you do. It shortens (and in some cases, eliminates) the amount of time you spend waiting for the camera to swing behind Link after holding Z/L, allowing you to start backwalking earlier than normal.

How To

  1. Press and hold Z/L
  2. A very short amount of time later, release Z/L
  3. Wait for a short amount of time
  4. Press back on the control stick and hold Z/L at the same time


You may have noticed that the steps to perform the trick sound very similar to an inverse camera angle. This is no coincidence; a quick turnaround is just an inverted camera angle cut short. To switch between the two, control how long you wait on step 3; if you wait longer, you'll get an inverted camera. If Link isn't turning around at all, you're not waiting long enough.

Last updated 03/22/2024 – VPP