Equip Swap

Trick Description

Equip Swap can equip any item over certain slots in the inventory, which is used for duplicating items (notably Zora eggs) and for preserving items that would otherwise be erased because of some glitch involving their item slots. Equip Swap can equip items to any slot reachable with either an up-right or down-right tap from the "Z" menu position or an up-left or down-left tap from the "R" menu position; the most common slots to equip swap to are the ocarina slot (top-left), the moon's tear/title deeds slot (top-right), and the Light Arrow slot (top-right when moon's tear slot is empty).

How To

This example below demonstrates equip swapping a bottle with a Zora egg over the Light Arrow slot and putting it on c-right.

  1. Put the cursor on the Zora egg slot
  2. Press R to page turn right
  3. Press Z to page turn left
  4. 7 frames later, simultaneously tap c-right (X) and move the control stick to up-left (tap or hold)
  5. If done correctly, the Zora egg icon will move from the Light Arrow slot to the c-button
  6. If you dump the Zora egg, the bottle will be updated to an empty bottle, and this empty bottle will remain on the Light Arrow slot, deleting the Light Arrow from the inventory

Troubleshooting step 4 above:

  • If the cursor stays on the "R" menu position, the control stick input was too early
  • If the cursor moves to the Light Arrow slot, the control stick position was either on time or too late
  • If the cursor moves to the Light Arrow slot but does not equip, then the c-left press was too early
  • If the cursor moves to the Light Arrow slot and equips the Light Arrow, then the c-left press was too late, and the control stick input could have been late as well
Last updated 03/22/2024 – bewildebeest