─── Goht Trial ───

For a quick start, target the wall between the pots, then curl and hold down while continuing to target to begin rolling directly away from the wall. Release target before getting spikes. Because Goron Link will continue moving in a straight line if the control stick is left neutral once he has spikes and the chests are at 45 degree angles to the path, you can now release the control stick until after bouncing off the chests. The fastest path to the end of the track is to cross two bridges; be careful not to fall or to touch the retry portals.

─── Gyorg Trial ───

The path to the Gyorg child is LRLR. The path to the Heart Piece is LRLL.

Swim from Gyorg Trial HP to child

It's possible to swim against the current by swimming in the left corner of the tunnel.

─── Twinmold Trial ───

Playing a top-row song (other than time songs) in front of a gossip stone releases a big fairy, and in Twinmold Trial, gossip stones releasing fairies and the puzzles being completed share flags. Releasing a fairy at the gossip stone after Garo Master puts the ladder behind the Iron Knuckle, skipping the bombchu + eye switch puzzle. Releasing a fairy at the left gossip stone behind the Iron Knuckle opens the door behind the Heart Piece, skipping the bombchu + frozen eye switch puzzle.

Garo Master as Goron

Stay at the door, then begin a pound when the Garo Master jumps for the first time. Shield after the pound lands to avoid getting hit. From there, keep close to the Garo Master and begin a pound after it does its first small hop, then shield after the pound. Continue until the end of the fight. If any pounds miss and the Garo Master is standing and looking around, punch it.

Iron Knuckle as Goron

safe strat

Begin the fight with a pound, then time pound + punch combos to avoid its attacks until phase 2. From here, time five pounds to avoid the attacks.

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