Any% NMG (intermediate)

Route by thesausage

Full route tutorial by thesausage with links to kz save states.

"This route is intended for a relatively ambitious beginner with access to practice tools. If you just want to turn on the game and do a casual speedrun with no practice, this is not the route for you. This route is intended to give a beginner a sense of what running this category is really like, which includes some practice to get comfortable with major skips like swamp gossips grotto alternate exit and Woodfall boss key skip. However, I have chosen beginner-friendly versions of those skips, and I have omitted some very difficult tricks (like Lullaby skip HESS) entirely."

This route is for English Wii VC. The object of this category is to beat the game without using SRM, ACE, or Text Overflow.

This category makes ample use of bomb tricks such as hovers, HESSes, long jumps, and megaflips, so you may want to familiarize yourself with those techniques first via the links under "Techniques" on the left sidebar. Some setups also use these fundamental movement techniques.

Equips are notated as (e.g.)

  • [ () ], [Deku Palace]

where the location in red text refers to the map point set for the next Index Warp, and the item in parentheses shows which slot the item before it is equipped over (here, ocarina is equipped on the bow slot). Bomb, bombchu, and rupee counts are notated as [b, c, r] where relevant. See Common Terms and Abbreviations for other acronyms.

First cycle

  • Watch Clock Town cutscene
  • Enter ECT and take flower to inn upper door
  • Listen to Granny's overnight story twice (bottom text option) to advance to Day 3
  • Go to WCT (via SCT)
  • Enter trading post and speak to scarecrow (bottom text option) to advance to Night 3
  • Go to ECT (via SCT)
  • Use flower to catch stray fairy
  • Get 2r from boxes [2r]
  • Backwalk past guard to TF
  • Collect 58r+ rupees from bushes [60r+]
  • Enter NCT and get magic from fairy fountain
  • Go to WCT (via SCT) and deposit 60r in the bank
    • To reduce menuing, deposit a larger multiple of 10r if you have enough
  • Go to SCT and gainer or twisted backflip to Clock Tower door
  • Enter Clock Tower after midnight cutscene

  • Shoot Skull Kid with a bubble
  • Pick up Ocarina of Time and learn SoT
    • [ blank blank ]
  • Play SoT in Clock Tower and console reset after pressing A to confirm (top text option)
  • Load file and enter lower Clock Tower doors
  • Speak to Happy Mask Salesman to get Deku Mask and learn SoH
  • Exit Clock Tower

Sonata of Awakening

  • Go to ECT and get 100r chest [99r]
  • Go to WCT (via SCT) and enter bomb shop
  • Buy bomb bag and 10 chus [20b, 10c, 9r]
    • [ ]
  • Hidden Owl hover (1b10c) [19b, 0c, 9r]
  • Hit owl statue and void out
  • Withdraw 60r from the bank
    • To reduce menuing and make buying chus easier, withdraw a larger multiple of 10r if there are enough in the bank
  • Buy 20 chus [19b, 20c, 0r]
    • If under 80 rupees, mash A while buying chus for a 2-for-1
  • Exit to TF with recoil flip past guard or by talking to guard [18b, 20c]
  • HESS to Swamp Gossips grotto [17b, 20c]
  • Swamp Gossips AE (5b4c) [12b, 16c]
  • Hover to Sonata (2b2c) [10b, 14c]
    • [ ]
  • Learn Sonata of Awakening
  • Exit Deku Palace
  • Ledge popup and learn Song of Soaring
    • [Deku Palace], no equip

Zora Mask

  • Soar to Mountain Village
  • Get bomb drop from snowball [15b, 14c]
  • Superslide to Twin Islands [14b, 14c]
  • Traverse Twin Islands to Goron Village
  • Slide down and get bomb drop from snowball [19b, 14c]

Woodfall Temple

  • Soar to Woodfall
  • Play Sonata to raise WFT and use flower to enter
  • Kazooie flip and fly to door
  • SoDT to Day 2
    • [ ]
  • Hover and megaflip to torch and enter door [16b, 14c]
  • Enter dinofols room
  • Dinofols with Kokiri sword for Hero's Bow
  • Return to central room and go upstairs
  • Boss key skip (5b4c) [11b, 10c]
  • Odolwa with Kokiri sword
  • Pick up remains normally and Heart Container if desired for safety
  • Learn Oath to Order and watch Tatl apology cutscene

Bottle and Hookshot

  • Roll out to Southern Swamp
  • Equip swap ocarina over bow
    • [ () ]
  • Shallow Zora swim to potion shop sign
  • HESS to WoM
  • HESS through WoM (Day 2) [9b, 10c]
  • Talk to Koume
  • Roll back through WoM to Kotake for bottle with red potion (back, left, right)
  • Backwalk and roll to grotto
  • Slash short baba for deku nut
  • Slash tall baba, open chest for 50r, then pick up deku stick

  • Soar to Great Bay Coast
  • If under 3 bombs, climb ladder and break 2nd pot from left behind lab
  • Bomb recoil superswim to PF as Zora [8b, 10c]
  • Swim and roll to land on west side
  • Hover and megaflip into PF [5b, 10c]
  • Equip swap bow over ocarina
    • [ () () ]
  • Shoot guard at bottom of ladder, then climb ladder
  • Shoot guard on bridge and enter upper hookshot room door
  • Shoot beehive without triggering cutscene
    • [ () ]
  • Drink potion, transform Zora, and exit
  • Sidehop down and enter hookshot room through lower door
  • Get hookshot from chest
  • Roll jump from chest to tank
  • Get Zora egg from tank
  • ESS OI to soar to Great Bay Coast

Getting to Snowhead Temple

  • Enter lab
  • Equip swap Zora Egg over ocarina x6
    • Do not equip over the ocarina on the c-buttons from here until Great Bay Temple
    • [ () () ] x6
  • Dump real egg
    • [ () ], [Clock Town]
  • New Wave Bossa Nova cutscene skip and soar to Milk Road

  • [ () () ]
  • Throw deku nut, slash grass for fairy, and catch fairy in bottle (ocarina slot)
  • ESS dupe bottle over nut
  • Enter racetrack
  • Buy milk for 50r
  • Equip swap full milk over ocarina slot
    • [ () () ], [Romani Ranch]

  • Soar to Snowhead
  • Get bomb drop from snowball [10b, 10c]
  • Lullaby Skip (Zora slash hover method)
    • After drinking milk, pause on the first possible frame and equip the empty bottle (nut slot) over the half milk
    • [ () () ]
    • Climb mountain and Zora slash into Snowhead Temple
    • [ () () ]

Snowhead Temple

  • Transform human
    • [ () ]
  • Action swap from Tatl text
  • Block clip
    • If you failed to get action swap or lost it, go to the wooden bridge room for backup Tatl text
  • Shoot lit arrow to melt icy door and enter door
  • Scarecrow skip
  • Equip swap full milk over ocarina slot
    • [ () () ]
  • Remote hookshot jump setup and drink milk
    • After drinking milk, pause on the first possible frame and equip the empty bottle (nut slot) over the half milk
    • [ () () ]
  • Remote hookshot jump and chu recoil to boss door platform [10b, 9c]
    • [ () ]
  • Boss key skip with recoil flip [9b, 9c]
  • While waiting for Tatl text, get arrows and magic and damage down to 1.5h on Goht's ice
    • [ () () ]
  • Action swap with Tatl text and shoot lit arrow to melt Goht
  • Goht with bow
    • [ () ]
  • Songless Remains Escape and deathwarp with bombs [6b, 9c]
  • Exit dungeon
    • [ () ], [Zora Hall]

Great Bay Temple

  • Soar to Zora Cape
  • Get bomb and arrow drops from pots [11b, 9c]
  • Turtle Cutscene Skip
  • Hookshot to turtle to enter dungeon
  • Equip swap full milk over ocarina slot
    • [ () () ]
  • Enter waterwheel room. then return to first room
  • Multiple hookshot hover past waterwheel
    • [ () ]
  • Zora swim to upper red pipe tunnel and cross to next tunnel with biobabas
  • Kill biobabas and climb to chest
  • Equip swap full milk over ocarina slot
    • [ () () ]
  • Remote hookshot GIM on biobaba fairy chest for ocarina
    • [ () ] during buffer
  • Surface under lilypad for quick item get
  • Open door to compass room
  • Hookshot compass chest and get rid of real bombchu
  • Remote hookshot GIM on compass chest for Light Arrow
    • [ ] during buffer
  • Swim through tunnel to central room and climb ladder
  • Out of bounds swim boss key skip
  • Gyorg cutscene skip with bow extension
  • Gyorg (English)
  • Pick up remains normally and watch giant cutscene

Getting to Stone Tower Temple

  • Get bombs and arrows from pots [16b, 9c]
    • [ () ]
  • Drop 3 bombs [13b, 9c]
  • Equip swap chus over Light Arrow
    • [ () () ], [Goron Village]
  • Catch fairy from pot in nut bottle
  • ESS dupe bottle over real chus (can't pull chu because the three bombs are out)
  • ESS OI to soar to Stone Tower
    • [ () ]
  • Invert Stone Tower Temple from owl statue
  • Enter Inverted Stone Tower Temple

Inverted Stone Tower Temple


  • Hover into Clock Tower [0b, 1c]
  • Play Oath to Order
  • Backwalk to Majora child to enter fight
    • [ () ]
  • Majora
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