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Fight Strategy (Standard)

Discovered by ???

Typically, the quickest way to kill Twinmold involves shooting the ends of their tails with arrows rather than using the Giant's Mask.

Each Twinmold has 20 health. Normal arrows deal 2 damage each; light arrows deal 4 damage each; and fire arrows deal 6 damage each to blue Twinmold, while ice arrows deal 6 damage each to red Twinmold.

Consistently hitting the tails can be rather difficult due to the size and shape of it's hitbox. Attached down below is a visual representation of what it looks like.

Twinmold Hitbox

Fight Strategy (Mask Storage)

Discovered by Seedborn

By performing mask storage using the Giant's Mask, you are able to take off the Giant's Mask without shrinking. This unrestricts our items and allows for a fast Twinmold fight with stick jumpslash Power Crouch Stabbing or Great Fairy Sword (if gotten early via SRM).

Fight Strategy (Fierce Deity)

Discovered by ???

Using the Fierce Deity Mask, it is possible to kill Twinmold faster than using arrows.

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