─── Deku Palace ───

Skip the entrance guards

Methods discovered by MrGrunz and Kaztalek

There are several ways to skip talking to the guards blocking the entrance to Deku Palace, including a backflip off the fence, a recoil flip, a superslide, and a Zora fins clip. These options are shown in the video below.

West wing bomb boost

This bomb boost is somewhat precise in both position and timing. To avoid waiting on the bomb, pull the bomb out shortly before the room loads and run to the corner of the soil as shown. Shield drop the bomb and backflip (inverted camera because of Deku Palace) near the end of the bomb's timer to get a bomb boost onto the fence. Make sure to release shield after shield dropping the bomb to avoid getting a recoil flip.

West wing hover to Sonata

Get ISG, then pull a bomb while entering the doorway to time the room load so it's possible to make the platform cycle. Line up to backflip into a hover off the bomb, then onto the fences, then onto the platform. Take the flowers to the final platform. With this method, the camera stays locked, so remember that all inputs are relative to the camera.

Doorframe jump

This is a way to get to Sonata without a hover. Backflip onto the doorframe by standing roughly where shown in the video. Align Link roughly with the thick black line and target the wall. Begin holding up-right, then roll once Link is near the edge of the doorframe. If done correctly, Link will grab the upper ledge. From here, use the flowers to get to Sonata.

Backflipping onto the doorframe also works on the other side of the door, but a guard can catch you there.

Back Palace hover to Sonata

From this entrance, you gain control of Link around the time the flower platform moves and he becomes visible again. All methods begin by getting ISG and hovering onto the fence. Getting a popup onto the rising flower platform requires a specific amount of height: too low and Link won't reach the bottom of the platform, but too high and he'll hit the side, and by the time he's moved downward enough to slide under the platform, he'll be moving downwards too quickly to get a popup. To get a popup onto the load zone platform, stand on the flower and target, then roll when the top of Link's head hits the bottom of the platform.


After hovering onto the fence, pull another bomb, straighten your angle by targeting the taller fence, and backwalk. Hover off of the bomb late in its flashes in order to gain only a little bit of height. Hover with 2 chus, then sidehop to pop up onto the platform. Shield briefly to get rid of ISG, then get to the final platform as described above.


Hover from HP

Megaflip hover to Sonata

See frame data.

Get deku nut from baba in shortcut grotto

─── Deku Shrine ───

The Butler has a maximum speed in the race, so you should beat the Butler with a clean race. If you are far enough ahead, then risky timesavers become pointless, as they just increase the time you'll need to spend waiting for the Butler to finish at the end. Avoid standing near where the Butler lands at the end of the race, as he can fall out of bounds if you do.

Butler race demonstration

Deku Shrine map

taken from zeldadungeon.net

Butler race tips

See map above for labels A-G

  • A: Be careful around the water if you're ahead of the Butler, as he can push you in.
  • B: It is possible to roll across both shallow water gaps here, but it depends on what part of the rolling animation Link is in, which is hard to control consistently. The best way to approach it is to try to start rolling around the same place every time.
  • B: For notes on rolling over the deep water gap, see video below.
  • D: This section can also be done as Zora by swimming under the platforms; whether you should use Zora or Deku just depends on which one you already have equipped.
  • E: It is worth taking a moment to line up before the hallway preceding the flame wall room in order to get spikes to skip the flame wall maze.
  • F: Running/standing very close to the wall will make the rolling boulder miss.
  • G: Skipping the crystal switch saves a small amount of time but is very risky, as touching the flame circles almost invariably leads to voiding out.

Water skip

Rolling across the deep water gap is risky but can be done consistently and saves a small amount of time over transforming to Deku and back to Goron.

  1. Target the wall in a spot that aligns with the narrow path (video shows bounds)
  2. Turn or shield turn 180 degrees without moving away from the wall; if you do move away from the wall while turning, backwalk back against it before proceeding
  3. Press A to curl and begin holding up on the control stick within a 9f window, beginning 1f before the A press and ending 7f after it

Goron roll in stump room

This is very risky and may not save time if you are far ahead of the Butler already.

Goron roll over water platforms

─── Southern Swamp ───

Big octo skip

To skip the big octo, get onto the wall next to it as Deku, then void out. Link will then respawn on the wall and have enough i-frames to get past the octo before it nabs him. There are multiple ways to get onto the wall, as shown below. If you get onto the wall as human and fail to transform to Deku before getting sucked by the big octo, climb onto a lilypad, transform Deku, and drown to respawn on the wall.

Long jump method

Slashing to the edge of the flower may help with this method, but be sure to put the sword away before the long jump, as it improves consistency in putting on the Deku mask before getting sucked.

Reverse big octo skip

  1. Backwalk towards the ledge shown and shield drop a bomb shortly before grabbing the ledge
  2. Continue holding a control stick direction so Link climbs immediately
  3. Once he begins climbing, let go of the control stick and release and re-press target
  4. After Link gets up and the camera takes a moment to settle, transform Deku
  5. Hold shield and right on the control stick out of the transformation to direct the recoil
  6. When Link is about halfway to the water, switch to holding up-right to steer past the octo and avoid getting stuck on the wall or landing on the lilypad

Song of Soaring ledge popup

Discovered by Petrie911

Instead of having to go out the cave by Deku Palace and navigate past the dragonflies, transform Deku and get onto the lily pad nearest to the rocky outcrop. Aim yourself towards the downward slope and turn into a human. Quickly roll, and hold forward on the control stick to grab the ledge and get a ledge popup, then use the flower to fly to the song stone.

Swim in shallow water as Zora

Get into the water as a human and dive. Transform Zora within an 18f window starting 3f after pressing A to dive (basically anytime while Link is still moving downwards). Zora Link's B button now says "dive" rather than "punch." Press B to sink, and you can now swim as if in normal depth water. This can easily transition into a ZESS.

Woods of Mystery map

─── Woodfall ───

Get back to Southern Swamp from Woodfall Temple

From the dungeon exit, sidehop left twice and backflip three times to quickly get on top of the dungeon. Pull a bomb and get ready for the recoil by transforming Deku, getting to the edge of the roof, facing the bomb, and holding shield and down.

Deku Princess cutscene skip

Timestop method

This is a pause buffer cutscene skip. Two bombs are used because bomb timestop is only possible with a bomb Link has not put down or picked up.

  1. Slash so that ISG will have damage stored
  2. Get ISG off a bomb
  3. While targeting, shield drop the bomb and pull another one
  4. Get bomb timestop with the second bomb (explodes early because of the first bomb); make sure to continue holding target when getting timestop so Link doesn't crouch and lose ISG
  5. Touch the grass wall so it will break as soon as timestop is over
  6. Stand right next to the line in the doorway
  7. Buffer c-up (listen for camera sound; this is 2f after pressing c-up)
  8. Buffer B to cancel first person
  9. Buffer running into the load zone

─── Misc. ───

Big Octo Strategy

Discovered by MasterluigiSW

You will notice after using swimming in shallow water, you cannot pull out your zora fins to kill the Big Octo. Instead of taking off the zora mask and putting it back on, you can get close to a wall or tree, and press A to swim. You will run into the wall and store a ground jump. From here, you can simply attempt to backflip, then pull out your fins and kill the Big Octo.

Pictobox Without Riding the Boat

Discovered by Zero

Normally when you go to get the pictobox from the witch at the swamp tour shop, you have to take a trip on the boat to the deku palace. However, you can skip riding the boat by mashing the ocarina button as soon as you recieve the pictobox. If you have trouble with this, you can instead mash the pause button, then unpause and pull out the ocarina. From here, play the Song of Soaring.

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