Zora Clipping

Zora Fins Clip

This allows Link to clip through corners with acute angles as well as some other obstacles as Zora.

In many places, you can substitute a Zora Clip using a superslide, megaflip, or other high-speed technique. The Zora Clip is extremely easy, though, making it a good choice for both new players and for speedrunners aiming for consistency over speed.

Method 1

  1. Hold B to take out Zora Link's boomerangs
  2. Hold Z, continuing to hold B
  3. Press A while still holding Z and B

Method 2

  1. Do a jumpslash as Zora Link
  2. While in midair (before his feet touch the ground), start holding B

If done correctly, Zora Link should teleport a small bit forward, allowing you to clip through some obstacles. Two of the most useful demonstrations of the trick are shown below:

Zora Ledge Clip

When Link walks or dry rolls off a ledge in a corner as Zora, it is possible to clip out of bounds by retargeting while holding A on the first frame of the ledge grab animation. The A button can be held in advance or pressed on the frame; the Z/L button must be re-pressed on the frame. This does not work as human because Link pops back up. Note that the first and second frames of the ledge grab animation look very similar, but Link's hat is aimed downwards on the first frame and more horizontally on the second and beyond.

Last updated 03/28/2024 – mzxrules