Long Jump

Trick Description

The long jump is very similar to the megajump from Ocarina of Time, except that it is much easier and does not require the Hover Boots or any special items. The trick is a forward jump that grants similar distance to the recoil flip and megaflip, except that Link can grab ledges out of it, a big advantage that those two techniques lack. It can be combined with the Zora Mask to reach even higher ledges.

How To

  1. Stand next to a ledge and aim towards your target.
  2. Turn around 180 degrees and place a bomb down directly behind where you were facing.
  3. Turn around again and make sure your angle is still right.
  4. Wait for the bomb to explode. When it does, Link will long jump.


A common way to quickly do a long jump is to pull a bomb before positioning yourself, then shield drop it by where the ledge from which you want to perform a Long Jump, get between your target and the bomb and slash your sword multiple times in the direction of the ledge. Slashing your sword moves Link forward by small amounts and does not allow you to fall off of ledges, which is the principle behind Infinite Sword Glitch.

When is long jump useful?

The trick is very useful in any area where a large distance must be travelled in the air but also when a ledge is needed to be grabbed. This is useful in places like Snowhead Temple for jumping across the platforms without Goron mask, and is also useful in one method of Fairy Fountain Wrong Warp.

Last updated 03/22/2024 – Gigopler