─── Mountain Village ───

Seamwalk to Goron Graveyard

This skips climbing the ladder to the Goron Graveyard, saving about 15s.

  1. Get ISG using a snowball or sign
  2. Stand near the seam and align the sword hilt on the B button as shown in the video
  3. Hold target and walk forwards until the bridge banister reaches the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter first person and aim the left side of the clock diamond at the top of the bridge banister
  5. Time sidehops up the slope (chaining sidehops too quickly or too slowly will cause Link to fall)
  6. After getting past the first slope, change angle and sidehop to the top, or simply roll
  7. Sidehop off the top to land on the upper ledge

─── Twin Islands ───

Long jump to first bridge

This long jump is useful for routes that need to damage down here.

─── Goron Village ───

Movement options to Lens cave

The fastest option is a HESS and a long jump (top right video). The other movement options shown are similar in speed.

Damaging down entering Lens cave

Deathwarping out of Lens cave can be useful, and damaging down while approaching it doesn't cost much time.

Goron Shrine seamwalk

This seamwalk can save about 4s over talking to the goron to open the door.

HESS and hover to rock sirloin

It is possible to break the pot to get the sirloin by rolling during a hover, but the positioning for this is picky. There is a 2f window for the first hover to make breaking the pot possible right after the megaflip; see frame data for details. If you are near the pot but unable to break it after the megaflip, adjust your hover position with backflip and/or sidehop hovers until you can break the pot.

Sirloin superslide

This superslide skips carrying the rock sirloin around the icy slopes to leave the area.

without bomb drop

See top left video. Backwalk into the load zone at the end to save frames over running as shown.

with bomb drop

  1. Run towards the small snowball
  2. Throw the sirloin when the area banner fades
  3. Transform human and roll once
  4. Shield drop a bomb while running and then roll to break the snowball for a bomb drop
  5. Backwalk to the bomb you dropped, then sidehop right
  6. Transform Zora
  7. Turn towards the bomb
  8. When the bomb is about to explode, roll towards the sirloin, hold R, and press A to get a superslide
  9. Release R after reaching the top of the slope
  10. Backwalk into the load zone

Video comparison of sirloin superslide and carrying the sirloin up the slopes normally

─── Snowhead ───

Lullaby Skip

There are many ways to enter Snowhead Temple without playing Goron Lullaby to stop the wind, some of which can skip getting Goron Mask and Lens of Truth entirely.

Lullaby Skip from fairy fountain as Goron (day)

Begin by rolling down left, then doing two 3-slash combos right/down-right to avoid falling off. Transform Goron and do a quick Goron roll in case of a bad wind cycle. Roll to the base of the ramp, avoiding the icicles, then transform human. Grab the ramp, then begin climbing about halfway through a wind cycle to have time to get ISG. Roll to the top of the ramp, avoiding the snowballs, then sidehop into the dungeon.

Lullaby Skip - Zora slash hover method

This requires hookshot, full milk, an empty bottle, and Zora Mask. Begin a remote hookshot slash hover after getting RHS with the nearest wooden pole and sidehopping up the mountain. Then, use Zora slashes to get to the dungeon entrance. Using the sloped geometry to push Link upwards makes it possible to head straight to the load zone, which saves over 30s over slashing all the way up the spiral ramp. Because Link can't take damage or knockback during a slash hover, the snowballs on the spiral ramp are not an issue.

This video shows a more optimized setup.

Lullaby Skip with Snowhead HESS

This method is considerably more difficult than the other methods as it requires a prolonged HESS with multiple direction changes while avoiding snowballs.

Snowhead HESS tutorial by TheHumanProtractor
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