Lost Woods/Beneath the Clock Tower

─── Beneath the Clock Tower ───

Keaton grass rupees

Notes by Imbued

You get about 4.2 rupees per second if you only detour for 3 rupees, and you get about 3.6 rupees per second if you detour for 6 rupees. If we compare this to the intro rupees, which are about a 9s detour (about 4.5s detour for each patch -- this assumes better than average execution btw, most people take more time), on average you get about 19 rupees which is a bit more than 2 rupees per second, even if you have exceptional luck and get 27 rupees, that is still only 3 rupees per second which is still worse than the rupees/second you get when collecting 6 rupees from the keaton bushes.

Tatl text skip

It is possible to skip Tatl's text on the last flower beneath the Clock Tower. From roughly the position shown in the video below, sidehop onto the flower, and continue holding A from the sidehop to make Link enter the flower immediately.

Happy Mask Salesman cutscene skip (HMS)

This is a pause buffer cutscene skip. Target on the right side of the spinning axle with Link's left foot just right of the black line on the floor, then begin backwalking and pause buffering. After 5 buffered frames with the door visible, release target and continue holding down and buffering. After 4 more buffered frames of holding down, Link has reached the load zone and the cutscene has been skipped. If you unpause on this frame and the cutscene triggers, you were likely not in the right position on the axle when you began backwalking. This setup also works on the left side of the axle.

Last updated 04/08/2024 – bewildebeest