Discovered by Swordlesslink

Trick Description

The term "ESS" refers to an Extended Superslide, which is very similar to the superslide, but it allows you to change directions and use items while sliding. However, the control stick position required for an extended superslide ("ESS position") is useful for many other applications, so "ESS" is also used to describe these applications, such as ESS shuffles and ESS turns, even though they don't involve supersliding.

ESS position

Move the control stick barely out of its neutral position in any direction other than the one Link is facing. This control stick input is referred to as "ESS position." On the kz practice tool's input display, the valid ESS range is between values 16 and 27 (inclusive) in any cardinal direction. For all applications, any value within this range is equivalent; it does not matter where exactly in the range the control stick is held. If the stick is held in this range, Link will rotate in place slowly to face the direction held. Values below 16 register as neutral (Link won't move), and values above 27 register as walking or turning sharply, depending on context.

One way to find ESS position is to hold target and then gradually move the control stick away from neutral. As soon as Link starts moving at all, you've made it out of the neutral position and into ESS position, as long as you weren't changing the position so quickly that you already made it out of ESS position.

ESS turns

When Link rotates in place while ESS position is held, his angle always changes by the same amount every frame (708 hex angle units). This can be useful for angle setups.

ESS shuffle

Targeting during an ESS turn initiates a shuffling animation. To begin an ESS shuffle without changing facing angle, hold ESS for 1 frame without targeting, then begin holding target on the next frame.

Extended Superslide

Extended superslides have a maximum speed of -10, which is slower than the -18 achieved by a superslide or HESS. Leaving the ESS position at any point while unpaused will end an ESS or HESS, so to avoid this while trying to change directions, it is helpful to pause the game and then unpause after moving the control stick.

from a superslide

  1. Start a superslide
  2. Hold the control stick in the ESS position
  3. Let go of R
  4. Press Z/L once you begin turning to lock your camera

from damage

  1. Any damage that doesn't knock Link over can begin a damage ESS
  2. Slightly before getting hit hold the control stick in the ESS position
  3. Press Z/L once you begin turning to lock your camera

Note that a Damage ESS is slower than backwalking, making it almost useless.

from a megaflip

  1. Do a megaflip
  2. Right before hitting the ground hold the control stick in the ESS position
  3. Press Z/L once you begin turning to lock your camera

Hyper Endless Superslide (HESS)

Discovered by MrGrunz

To perform a HESS, you must roll and get hit by damage 1 - 6 frames before your roll ends.

  1. Roll into a source of damage (if using a bomb, roll on a HESS frame)
  2. Get hit on a frog frame)
  3. Hold the control stick in the ESS position
  4. Press Z/L once you begin turning to lock your camera

You can actually obtain a Damage ESS, a HESS, or an ESS from this method. If you get hit by damage 3-9 frames or more before your roll ends, then you will get a normal ESS with varying speeds from -10 to -2. Getting hit 1-2 frames before your roll ends will give you a HESS (-18 speed), as described above. Getting hit any later, after the roll will cause Link to take damage, thus resulting in a Damage ESS, which is slower than a regular ESS and practically useless.


  • This document is another good resource for learning how to do a HESS, but is mostly redundant in combination with this page.

  • If you press Z/L during the 2 frames that you can obtain a HESS, and if you're holding the control stick in the ESS position, then the game will crash. It is very important to make sure you're not holding Z/L when attempting a HESS, though it also important to hold Z/L after you obtain the HESS so that it doesn't end as soon as Link finishes turning.

  • If the damage source knocks Link forward whilst getting a Damage ESS, the ESS will continue Link's movement forward, however with an ESS or HESS, Link will always travel backwards.

Zora Extended Superslide (ZESS)

As Zora, you can start an ESS by holding target and ESS position while exiting water via a slope.

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