Action Swap

Explanation by SeedBorn

To get action swap:

  1. Pull a ranged weapon (bow or hookshot) into Link's hand
  2. Stand in a place where Link can talk to someone or read something, or has Tatl text
  3. Hold shield
  4. Press the deku stick button and press A (or c-up for Tatl text) on the same frame, or the 1st or 2nd frame after pressing deku stick

If done correctly, the item pull sound will play as Link interacts with the NPC/sign/Tatl, but the deku stick will not visibly enter Link's hands. Pressing the deku stick button again will cause Link to pull the deku stick out soundlessly. From here:

  • Rolling, shielding, and jump attacking will get rid of action swap, as will pulling out another item, getting more text, grabbing a ledge, reaching a load zone, or voiding.
  • Pressing the deku stick button again will shoot a lit arrow. This crashes the game if you have 0 arrows. Pressing target right after beginning to shoot the arrow will shorten the animation and reduce the stuttering. This can be used to light torches and melt ice.
  • Lighting the deku stick on fire will cause it to invert and get very long. This can be used to strike distant objects., such as the hidden owl.
Example with lit arrow
Example with long deku stick
Last updated 03/22/2024 – bewildebeest