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Common Terms and Abbreviations

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ECTEast Clock Town
GBGreat Bay
GBTGreat Bay Temple
NCTNorth Clock Town
PFPirates' Fortress
SHTSnowhead Temple
SCTSouth Clock Town
STStone Tower
STTStone Tower Temple
TFTermina Field
WCTWest Clock Town
WoMWoods of Mystery

Items and Songs:

BKBoss Key
DSoT/SoDTSong of Double Time
ExplosivesBombs, Bombchus and Powder Kegs
ElegyElegy of Emptiness
HCHeart Container
HPHeart Piece
ISoTInverted Song of Time
KegPowder Keg
LALight Arrows
LullyGoron Lullaby
NWBNNew Wave Bossa Nova
OathOath to Order
SoASonata of Awakening
SoHSong of Healing
SoSSong of Soaring/Song of Storms
SoTSong of Time


GSGold Skulltula
IKIron Knuckle


Dupe Bottle Duplication
ESS/ISSExtended Superslide/Infinite Superslide
HESS/HISSHyper Extended Superslide
ISGInfinite Sword Glitch
ODOcarina Dive

Files and Categories:

5 MasksCollect 5 masks
10 MasksCollect 10 masks
20 MasksCollect 20 masks
100%Collect evey kept upon playing Song of Time and beat the game
All MasksCollect every mask and beat the game
Any%Beat the game
Low%Beat the game with the lowest number of items possible
All Fairy Rewards/AFRBeat the game while collecting all Great Fairy rewards (Magic, Great Fairy Mask, Spin Attack, Double Magic, Enhanced Defence, Great Fairy Sword)
Race FileA game file that starts from just after getting Deku Mask with 101 rupees in the bank
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