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Infinite Sword Glitch

Discovered by TheHeroMX

Trick Description

The Infinite Sword Glitch (commonly abbreviated to "ISG") Is a glitch which causes the hitbox of link's sword to remain in it's attacking state after the attack has finshed, allowing the player to damage enemies and break breakable objects by simply standing next to them. Another useful side-effect of ISG is that link cannot fall off ledges with the glitch activated. This concept leads to various sequence breaks (Such as Goron Lullaby skip) as well as the very useful trick, Hovering.

How To

There are two main methods of activating ISG, regular ISG and damage ISG. Regular ISG is preferred in almost all circumstances however damage ISG is useful to know as a backup option and it is also useful in the low% route.

Regular ISG

The timing of this trick is one frame, so you may not get the trick first try. It can be performed with pause buffering to ensure success.

  1. Find an object that Link can interact with using the A button (A grabbable object to "Grab", a sign to "Check", a person with which to "Speak", etc.)
  2. Perform a crouch stab (hold R and then press B), and then interrupt the stab by pressing A to interact with the object near the end of the stabbing animation. †
  3. Link should put his sword away, but you should notice that as he is doing so, the sword glowing white. If you see the glow, then ISG has been activated.

† If you're pause buffering, the frame for pressing A is the first frame where the sword is back in its default position by Link's side and the shield is fully in front of him. † You can also mash the A button to activate ISG which may be useful to do for your first time performing the trick, but the preferred method is to time the A button press.

Damage Method

This method uses the blocking ability of your shield to interrupt the crouch stab.

  1. Stand next to a source of damage.
  2. Perform a crouch stab, and have your shield block the damage at the same time such that the crouch stab is interrupted. ††
  3. Very quickly either release R or hold Z so Link returns to a standing position. If his sword is glowing, then ISG has been activated.

†† This is a useful backup if you fail regular ISG, as you can shield to drop the bomb and crouch stab into the explosion.

†† Hitting C-Up at the end of the crouch stab makes interrupting the crouch stab animation easier.


  • Sheathing your sword or swapping to a different weapon will not cancel ISG.
  • Any weapon that can perform a crouch stab can be used to activate ISG. This includes Deku Sticks and the Great Fairy's Sword.
  • If you want to draw your sword and keep ISG active, backflip and press B while in the air.

The following actions will disable ISG, returning Link to a normal state:

  • Crouching (i.e. taking your shield out without holding Z/L)
  • Taking damage that interrupts movement (If you're running in a direction, ISG will not be cancelled)
  • Swinging your sword or a Deku Stick
  • Entering water
  • Jumping to climb onto an object
  • Entering a new area (loading zones)
  • Performing a ground jump
  • Opening a door
  • Putting on a transformation mask
  • Dawn of the next day transition
  • Sliding down a slippery slope
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