Cutscene Wrong Warp

Some wrong warps can be performed by loading a new area as a cutscene starts. Each cutscene has an offset which is added to the exit value of the loading zone you enter. Currently this is possible with saving at Owl Statues, the Alien Abduction cutscene in Romani Ranch, the blue warps at the end of 3 dungeons, and the Clock Tower opening cutscene. Below are some tables of the exits you can take as the cutscenes start, and the results of the wrong warps.

Owl Wrong Warp

You can perform a Cutscene 0 wrong warp by voiding or entering a loading zone as you save at an Owl Statues. See Owl Wrong Warp.

Romani Ranch Alien Abduction Wrong Warp

The alien abduction is the 4th cutscene in the Romani Ranch scene, so an offset of 4 is added to each exit to get the result.

There are two methods to do this wrong warp. You can either ocarina dive into the loading zone and frame-perfectly cancel the ocarina, or store Song of Double Time and frame-perfectly activate it when going through the loading zone.

The Alien Abduction cutscene is a special because it can start while you are being warped by a loading zone. Most other cutscenes in the game cannot activate while you are being warped by a loading zone, and thus don't allow similar wrong warps.

Exit takenDestinationDestination Entrance
To Milk Road (3E10)Milk RoadFrom Romani Ranch (3E14)
To Ranch House (610)CrashN/A (614)
To Stable (600)Honey & Darling's ShopFrom East Clock Town (604)
To Doggy Racetrack (7C00) Cucco Shack (Crash)From Romani Ranch (7C04)
To Cucco Shack (7E00) CrashN/A (7E04)

Blue Warp Wrong Warps

This type of wrong warp uses 0th Day Warping to load the previous entrance instead of the one outside the dungeon. These can only be done on the second time you beat a dungeon, because the first time you beat the dungeon will take you to the Giant's Chamber which does not use a cutscene offset. This wrong warp differs from the Alien Abduction one because this one restores the entrance after the cutscene has been activated.

Boss RoomDestinationDestination Entrance
Odolwa Boss Room (3800)CrashN/A (3801)
Gyorg Boss Room (B800)Gyorg Boss RoomFalling to battle (B801)
Twinmold Boss Room (6600)CrashN/A (6603)

Beating Snowhead Temple does not take you to a cutscene in Mountain Village, so activating 0th day on the Snowhead blue warp will act like a regular 0th day warp.

Clock Tower Opening Cutscene Wrong Warp

There is a cutscene for the opening of the Clock Tower when it reaches midnight on the 3rd Day. This is cutscene number 2 in South Clock Town, so an offset of 2 is added to each exit. This will activate anywhere if the ocarina slot is empty. However, if the ocarina slot has something in it, the cutscene will only activate in South Clock Town. With 0th Day Warping to restore your previous entrance, some wrong warps can be performed from South Clock Town. None of them have very interesting destinations, as they all go to a wrong entrance of South Clock Town and play the cutscene as normal or crash.

With the Debug Menu from Text Overflow, we can delete the ocarina from the ocarina slot, allowing the clock tower cutscene to occur almost anywhere in the game. This allows a lot of different wrong warps when combined with 0th Day.

Last updated 12/23/2023 – Exodus