Termina Field

Skull Kid cutscene skip

without clearing the cutscene trigger

Activate timestop to get to the load zone without triggering the cutscene. This method leaves the trigger in place, so returning to this area of Termina Field will still trigger the cutscene.

clearing the cutscene trigger

This method clears the cutscene trigger so that it won't play even after returning to the area. It only works during the day.

  1. Get bomb timestop (or bottle timestop) next to the gossip stone to play ocarina while moving
  2. Play SoDT
  3. Immediately press c-up to cancel timestop and A to exit first person
  4. Pull a bomb, target the root, and begin a superslide before the text prompt comes up
  5. Right before Link hits the cutscene trigger, press A to advance to night (while targeting, this is right after the left root of the stump fully appears on the left side of the screen)
  6. Continue holding shield during the transition to night
  7. The superslide continues after the transition text disappears, giving Link barely enough time to reach the load zone before the camera returns to normal and the cutscene begins during the fadeout

Access Astral Observatory

The Astral Observatory is only meant to be accessed and left via the Bombers' Hideout, the Deku flower, and the magic bean plant. However, there are other ways in and out.

Clip through the Astral Observatory fence

Line up in the corner as shown in the video, then recoil flip and hold right to clip. This clip is also possible with a HESS, but it's riskier because a HESS can clip out of bounds where Link will fall and void.

Goron bomb boost

A goron bomb boost can get Link over the fence in either direction.

Last updated 03/24/2024 – bewildebeest