Pirates' Fortress

Notes and version differences

  • Guards will only turn towards Link if he's running/walking, so it's possible to slip right by guards by sidehopping, backflipping, and chaining rolls with no running in between
  • In the hookshot room, there is a gap you can use to get down from the second floor to the first on the JP version; on the English version, there is no gap, so you must go through two doors to get to the lower level
  • In the hookshot room, the guard just inside the lower door will not instantly catch Link on the JP version at night, which gives you time to sidehop and roll to avoid her

─── Exterior ───

Sewers skip with hover and megaflip (3b0c)

Aim at the right edge of the fence, then do two distance hovers. Megaflip to reach the platform.

Sewers skip with Moon's Tear

  1. Dolphin dive onto boat
  2. Transform deku and stand by engine as shown
  3. Aim camera perpendicular to side of boat and target after each turn
  4. At the visual cue shown in the video, begin an untargeted slash
  5. On the third frame of sparks flying from the sword clank, press the Moon's Tear button
  6. Advance the text box on the 1st or 2nd possible frame to get enough height to get a popup onto the platform

─── Sewers ───

Reverse Pirates' Fortress for Heart Piece

See this video - description to be added eventually

─── Interior ───

Goron roof roll

This skips climbing the ladder and dealing with the guard. See video description on YouTube for detailed instructions.

─── Hookshot room ───

Get hookshot with bow (JP)

Sidehop and chain rolls to avoid the guard (see notes above). Bonk the barrel, then get into the corner in front of the right column. From here, there are a few seconds to shoot the beehive before the nearby guard catches Link.

Get hookshot with a Zora long jump (JP)

  1. Sidehop and chain rolls to avoid the guard (see notes above)
  2. Continue to hold target to preserve the entrance angle, and position Link between the two barrels
  3. Shield drop a bomb, then transform Zora
  4. Hold up-right out of the transformation and press A to climb as soon as you gain control of Link
  5. Target and tap sidehop left
  6. Enter first person with c-up and hold left to long jump to the tank without getting caught

Skip pirate cutscene with timestop

From the upper door, there is cutscene trigger before the gap (JP only) that leads down to the lower area. Begin backwalking around the third fast red bomb flash in order to activate timestop right before hitting the cutscene trigger.

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