Flying Zora Glitch

Discovered by petrie911

Trick Description

The Flying Zora Glitch is a trick that allows you to swim in the air as Zora Link, thus giving the impression that you're "flying." This allows you to grab some ledges that would otherwise be too high to reach. It's predominant use is currently to reach the Great Bay fairy fountain without having to hover or use the hookshot.

How To

Using a Shoreline

  1. Turn into a Zora and get in a body of water very close to a shore (you will want to be about as close to the shore as you can get while still having the A option say "Swim." This is to avoid merely jumping up onto the shore).
  2. Press A while facing the shore.
  3. If done at the proper distance and angle, Link you swim and hit the shore so that he is floating in the air while in the swimming animation.
  4. After you're airborne, quickly change direction away from the shore so you don't start walking on land.
  5. Continuously press A to stay in the air.

Using Dolphin Diving

  1. Do a dolphin dive.
  2. Before coming back out of the water for another dolphin dive, let go of A and continue to hold back.
  3. If you timed it correctly, Link should emerge from the dolphin dive and start floating in the air.
  4. Continuously press A to stay in the air.


  • You cannot stay in the air if you hold A to swim, instead you will gradually descend until you're back in the water or on land.
  • The height that you can gain preforming the trick depends on your distance from the shore and the angle at which you hit it (for the shoreline method). As a general rule of thumb, you want to be close enough to the shore so that you don't merely dive up onto it, but far enough so that you don't merely roll up onto the shore.
  • The dolphin diving method cannot obtain as much height as the shoreline method.
Last updated 03/22/2024 – Razor7581