Power Crouch Stab

The Power Crouch Stab (also known as PCS) is a term used to describe the behaviour of the 'crouch stab' attack [holding R and pressing B or a sword/stick button] in the Japanese version of Majora's Mask. The quirk itself also exists in every version of Ocarina of Time, you can see the Ocarina of Time page for the Power Crouch Stab here.

The concept is that in the N64 Japanese versions of the game (1.0 and 1.1), the crouch stab attack will have the same attacking power and damage type as the last regular sword or stick attack used, regardless of what weapon is used for the crouch stab.

The following table shows the power of every attack which PCS can copy the power of.

WeaponRegular AttackJumpslash
Kokiri Sword12
Razor Sword24
Gilded Sword36
Great Fairy Sword48
Deku Stick24

In the above table, 'Regular Attack' refers to any non-jumplash attack with the weapon.

The following video shows the effect of PCS on a Dodongo (12 health):

Damage Types & Default Crouch Stab

Not only does Power Crouch Stab mimic the power of the last attack used, it also has the same damage type as the attack. The damage type describes what effect the weapon has on objects and enemies. This is important to know, as enemies such as Odolwa are immune to deku stick type attacks, so any crouch stab performed after swinging the deku stick will not cause any damage to Odolwa.

When first entering an area or when switching transformations back to human link, the damage type of a crouch stab is always 'null' by default. This means that the sword will hit walls but it will not hit objects and enemies. For this reason, the sword must be slashed at least once before performing a bombchu hover against a wall to ensure that the sword hitbox is able to hit the bombchu as it sticks to the wall, which isn't possible if the damage type of ISG is 'null'.


  • Switching transformations or going through loading zones will reset PCS to the default
  • Since ISG is activated using a crouch stab, the damage dealt by ISG depends on the power and type of the last attack used.
  • PCS is exclusive to the Japanese N64 versions of the game
  • PCS and ISG is very useful in speeding up many boss and enemy fights throughout the game as one crouch stab can deal the damage of a deku stick jump slash multiple times without breaking the stick.
  • Using This concept, Gyorg may be killed before he reaches his second phase if a Great Fairy Sword jumpslash is used. This can be seen here: (video)
Last updated 03/28/2024 – GlitchesAndStuff