Quick Putaway / Glitched Damage Value

Quick Putaway is a glitch which allows Link to put an item away without an animation. It works by interrupting the put away animation, so the game has set his item in hand to empty, but he still is holding an item.

Methods to get Quick Putaway

Taking Damage

Discovered by Gabyelnuevo

Press A to put away the item just before taking damage.

Walking off a ledge

Walk off a ledge and press A frame-perfectly to put away the item just before you grab the ledge.

Glitched Damage Value Effect

Discovered by Exodus

Getting a broken stick after performing Quick Putaway with a Deku Stick will give a glitched damage value (which acts like Goron Punch). On the Japanese Version, since power crouch stabbing works, you can use it repeatedly afterwards

Other methods to get the Glitched Damage Value

With Burning Deku Stick

Discovered by Exodus

You can also get the Glitched Damage Value by jumpslashing with a lit deku stick right before it completely burns away.

Last updated 03/22/2024 – Exodus