Clock Town

─── General ───

Movement to ECT 100r chest and bomb shop

Movement from Deku Playground to Inn

─── East Clock Town ───

Backwalk past guard

It is very easy to exit to Termina Field as Deku, even during first cycle, by backwalking past the East Clock Town guard. The angle must be roughly parallel with the wall but is not precise.

Zora gainer into Stock Pot Inn

This gainer is useful at in-game times when the lower door to the inn is closed. Using the Deku flower instead is easier but slightly slower. The position needed is a little precise but can easily be found using the black line shown in the video.

─── West Clock Town ───

Hidden Owl

Hitting the hidden owl statue activates Index Warp. There are several methods of doing so that are used in speedruns. The main obstacle to reaching it is that being above the load zone in front of the hidden owl at any point will put Link in South Clock Town. The hidden owl statue will only count as being activated if it is on screen for the animation where it opens its wings.

1b10c hover and sidehop

Get ISG and target the wall next to the load zone. Do 1 bomb hover followed by 10 chu hovers to get just above and behind the opposite wall. Hold sidehop right and jumpslash once Link crosses the vertical line on the wall. Hit the owl statue and void, keeping it on screen.

2b9c hover and megaflip

Target the wall, get ISG, and hover with the bomb and 9 chus. Bend a megaflip right (hold left) to reach the hidden owl.

2b8c hover and megaflip

  1. Stab while moving to flowerbed
  2. Hop onto the right side or middle of the flowerbed and target to get a consistent angle
  3. Shield drop the bomb shortly after beginning the hop to put it on the flowerbed
  4. Turn, get ISG, and begin hovering
  5. Unlock the camera on the 6th chu hover
  6. After the 8th chu hover, hold straight up on the control stick and retarget for a good angle
  7. Megaflip and hold left to curve right and land on the hidden owl platform
  8. Backwalk into the owl statue to hit it

If you fail to unlock the camera on the 6th chu hover, you can unlock it on the 7th chu hover, then proceed as normal, except that you'll need to only curve the megaflip near the end of its trajectory to avoid the load zone.

with action swap

Get action swap and light the deku stick using the torch. Roll to the SCT load zone, then line up and hit the hidden owl with the long deku stick. Fully watch the animation of the owl statue activating before leaving, otherwise the owl won't actually activate. Although the torch is only lit at night, this can also be done in the daytime by using action swap to fire a lit arrow at the torch, then getting action swap again to perform the trick as shown.

Song storage from hidden owl

After hitting the hidden owl, it is often useful to store a song to be used later.

Hover method

Sidehop off the platform, and pull a bomb and shield drop it very early in the sidehop so that the bomb falls at Link's level. Hold shield until the bomb explodes and makes Link hover. Hold up-right and mash the ocarina button to get an ocarina dive, then play the song you want to store quickly before voiding.

Recoil flip past guard

This recoil flip skips the guard's textboxes, which is important for speedruns that have a stored song when exiting West Clock Town.

Wallet dupe with collection delay

Earning the Adult's Wallet by having 200r in the bank while you have collection delay prevents the banker from issuing the text that normally follows Link getting the wallet. Without this text, the game does not recognize that Link has received the reward. Getting up to 200r in the bank again (withdrawing and then depositing 1r works) after playing Song of Time or activating stored Song of Time will result in the banker giving Link the Giant's Wallet.

  1. Target the flowerbed and stand on the right side of the step (not precise or strictly required for the glitch, just position setup)
  2. (Continue holding Z/L up to step 5)
  3. Sidehop left and hold up during the sidehop so Link grabs and climbs the ledge
  4. Walk within the banker's talking range without hopping over a gap
  5. Talk to the banker (can release Z/L after talking if desired)
  6. Deposit rupees to reach 200r+ in the bank
  7. Before the banker's text ends, begin holding Z/L again
  8. If done correctly, Link will target the banker and not receive the wallet yet
  9. Walk into the corner shown and release Z/L to receive the Adult's Wallet
  10. If done correctly, there will be no banker text after the wallet text, as being near the sign prevents it from appearing
  11. Leave/reload the area without pressing A near the banker, whose talking range is now huge
  12. Later, after playing Song of Time or activating stored Song of Time, go from under 200r to 200r+ in the bank again to receive the Giant's Wallet

Original video by SeedBorn

Curiosity Shop hookshot clip

This clip can get Link into the Curiosity Shop at any time of any day. Get ISG, hookshot clip through the wall, then immediately shield a bombchu to hover. Sidehop hover twice and then sidehop into the load zone. Move the control stick down during the sidehops to bend them backwards towards the door.

─── Laundry Pool/Kafei's Hideout ───

Talk to Kafei through the wall

By using c-up through the wall, it is possible to target Kafei and talk to him without ascending the stairs.

─── North Clock Town ───

Safe NCT bombers

The key is to walk a bit to space your last roll properly to catch the bombers without them running away.

Deku Playground Day 1

Deku Playground Day 2

This video is for an intermediate strat. The risky strat is ~4s faster than this, and the safe strat is ~3s slower than this.

Deku Playground Day 3

See 16:50.

─── Early Clock Tower ───

Hover into Clock Tower

4b0c staircase method

Goron bomb boost into Clock Tower

Drop a bomb on the platform, then transform goron. Curl up and roll slightly into the door to prevent Link from rolling down the small slope. Time a goron bomb boost for maximum height.

Hookslide into Clock Tower

  1. Line up with the torch as shown in the video and aim the hookshot at the torch (not very precise)
  2. Activate remote hookshot
  3. Run to the corner of the Clock Tower platform and target the wooden lattice (do not roll or climb)
  4. Press the empty bottle button to change the hookslide's angle
  5. Walk down-left for 5 frames (this can be done less precisely, but it risks missing the Clock Tower load zone)
  6. Press the hookshot button
  7. Before Link pulls the hookshot out, equip over the hookshot to enter the remote hookshot hover state
  8. Re-equip the hookshot and press it to hookslide through the Clock Tower door
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