Stone Tower Temple

─── Four switches room ───

Weirdshot and megaflip to map room

This skips the Elegy puzzle and the courtyard with the bombable floor.

  1. Get rid of the nearest real bombchu
  2. Get ISG
  3. Weirdshot in the place shown in the video so that either a 1st or 2nd frame weirdshot will reach the crate
  4. Hookshot to the side of the crate that is out of bounds, then chu hover shortly after reaching it; too early will make the megaflip bring Link back in bounds, and too late will be too low to load the map room
  5. Unlock the camera, turn left, and retarget
  6. Megaflip, holding right to bend left

If done correctly, the map room will load as Link passes through the shaft.

─── Compass room ───

Sun block clip

Discovered by Kaztalek

There are several ways to clip through the sun block. The methods for clipping here are the same as the ones in ISTT. Since this room has water in STT, it's usually best to clip as Zora.

As Zora

Entry position setup
  1. Line up the hilt of the sword with the doorframe as seen in the video and enter
  2. Pull a bomb, wait until it is fully over Link's head, then shield drop it
  3. Transform Zora and continue holding A out of transformation to prepare to swim
  4. Walk into corner and target sun block
  5. Hold up and slightly left on control stick to direct swim (not needed to clip)
Crouch stab setup
  1. Get into the left corner so that you're facing the block and hold Z
  2. Still holding Z, hold R, left on the control stick, and crouch stab the corner twice
  3. Pull out a bomb, shield drop it and roll so that you are against the block
  4. Sidehop to the left once
  5. Put on the Zora mask and hold Z

As human

ESS turn, c-up, and diagonal notch setups

This video was made in ISTT, but the clip works the same way in STT. All three setups shown involve rolling on a HESS frame.

Skip with hover

It is also possible to skip the block by hovering up with 7 explosives and backflipping over the entire thing. However, if aiming to conserve explosives, it can be climbed in 6 by means of an angle change and sidehop at the end, or 5 by means of an angle change and gainer at the end. It should be noted that the 5-explosive is very risky as only 3 input frames are available to successfully complete the gainer to grab the block, as failing it would waste the explosives trying to be saved. Using 7 explosives is typically the best way to go about this block because the way to conserve explosives wastes more time than saving one extra explosive would grant. Do not grab the block as Zora Link at the end as you will be crushed by the low ceiling!

─── Eyegore room ───

Get small key during chest spawn animation

Pressing A to open the chest on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd frame of the bomb explosion overlaps the small key get animation and text box with the fairy chest spawn animation.

Superswim back from small key

Discovered by SampleName

Backwalk from the chest and press B after falling to recoil off the wall. Hold right and press B when hitting the water to get a good angle and sink a little bit. Then, tap A and B in an alternating rhythm to preserve Link's height and the superswim speed while directing the swim with the control stick.

─── Boes room ───

Stone Mask is extremely useful in this room and makes pretty much every strategy easier.

Weirdshot past sun blocks

A 1st frame weirdshot can reach the crate from far away (first example in the video), and either a 1st or 2nd frame weirdshot can reach the crate from up against the wall (second example). This can be done on either side of the room, and similar weirdshots are possible for getting to the fairy chest behind the right sun block and from there to the right side crate.

Hover over sun blocks (1b4c)

Unlocking the camera on the first chu hover is easiest, but if you get to the top and haven't unlocked the camera yet, you can wait for a boe to arrive and target it.

─── Updraft room ───

Updraft room with a weirdshot

As with the sun block in the previous room, the quickest way to get past the updrafts is to effectively skip all of them with a weirdshot. A 2nd frame weirdshot is best, but there are some positions where a 1st frame weirdshot can reach the chest.

Updraft room with recoil flips

When the hookshot it not available (such as in a Low% speedrun) recoil flips can instead be used to ride the updrafts to the miniboss room. To get across, a recoil flip straight across from the entrance of the door is enough to get a boost and land on a banister. From there, an aligned side recoil can be used to weave through the next 2 updrafts, all the way to the exit.

Long jump and recoil to first fairy chest

Drop the bomb near the flower and slash forwards to the edge. Turn right, then long jump holding left. Once Link hits the updraft, jumpslash and hold forward until the sword hits the wall.

Weirdshot from first fairy chest

This requires a 2nd frame weirdshot.

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