Gekko (WFT)

Skip Gekko

with weirdshot

After entering the room, ignore Gekko and go near the wall blocking the boss key chest. Weirdshot the chest and get the boss key. Now either deathwarp or soar to escape.

with hookshot clip

Using a bomb to flip over the turtle and then hookshot clipping, it is possible to enter the chamber with the boss key chest without defeating Gekko.

  1. Jumpslash Gekko twice
  2. After the turtle cutscene has played, roll over to the grating by the chamber containing the boss key
  3. Place a bomb and sidehop to the left as the turtle is charging towards you to avoid getting hit
  4. After the turtle had been knocked over, use it to hookshot clip through the grating; if the turtle does not land close enough to the grating, you can push it closer
  5. Immediately after clipping press B to do a jumpslash.
  6. Soar or deathwarp to escape the boss key chamber.
Last updated 03/25/2024 – bewildebeest