Song Storage

Originally Discovered by EmuraloZ

Song storage is a trick which lets you 'store' the text from certain ocarina songs which can be called up at any point afterwards by bringing up a text box such as an NPC's speak text, a sign's read text or even item info text in the item screen. There are four songs that can be stored using this trick: Song of Time, Double Song of Time, Inverted Song of Time and Song of Soaring.

The concept of text storage can be useful, as when the text is called up, link is fully controllable. As well as this, the effects of using the stored songs have some different effects compared to if just played regularly.

How To

The method of storing the song is the same for any of the songs mentioned above.

  1. Perform an Ocarina Dive above a void
  2. Before falling too far and voiding out, play the desired song
  3. If timed well, the song playback should get interrupted before the text box appears

When you reappear, you will have the song text stored, and you can call up the text any time by bringing up any regular text box.

Effects & Uses

Song of Time Storage

Song of time storage is by far the most useful and common version of this glitch. The effects of Song of Time storage include:

  • All cycle-based events become reset (such as the boulder re-appearing outside romani ranch)
  • All item counts return to 0
  • All trade items will disappear
  • All bottles in the correct slots will revert to empty bottles
  • If you have below 3 hearts, your hearts will be reset to 3
  • The game will be saved

However, the song will do none of the following:

  • The time will not be reset back to the dawn of the first day
  • No Song of Time cutscene will play
  • Link will not warp back to clock town, he will instead stay where he was

This trick is used in speedruns to skip the cutscenes of the Giants after beating some of the temples.

Song of Double Time Storage

The second most useful song to store is Song of Double Time. Triggering the text from this song causes the following effects:

  • The time will be set to 6pm/am of the next night/day

The song will not however play the Song of Double Time cutscene when the transition happens. This trick can be useful, as if the song is triggered at night while going through a loading zone, the time will be reset to 6am of the current day.

It is also possible to reset the time to 6 am on the current day with Song of Double Time Stacking:

Inverted Song of Time Storage

Inverted Song of Time Storage isn't useful much at all. The only effect that it causes is the inversion of the time speed without playing the cutscene.

Inverted Song of Time and Song of Time can also be used to trick the game into thinking that the text box that appears on screen with a stored song is a different text box as part of a dialogue. If you select one of the two options from the stored song while next to a dialogue trigger that has a similar text box with two options, all dialogue previous to that textbox will be skipped.

Song of Soaring Storage

Song of Soaring Storage currently has no uses, however its effects are somewhat interesting. If used in the overworld, triggering the stored song will bring up the song of soaring menu, showing all the owl statue locations that are regularly shown. Unfortunately, selecting any of these destinations will do nothing. If used in dungeons, the text box showing the choice of warping to the entrance will appear, however will still do nothing if 'yes' selected.

If triggered in the pause screen, the game will crash.


  • In any area where the songs may not be played, the stored song will bring up the corresponding text box, such as "Your notes echoed far but nothing happened"
  • Song Storage carries through loading zones and cutscenes
  • Song Storage will get cancelled by death and pulling out the ocarina
  • While Song of Time storage resets many events in the game, some areas must be reloaded before the effects are shown (Such as the interior of stone tower temple becoming re-inverted, or the rock at romani's ranch reappearing)
  • Song of Time storage can also be used to collect both the Postman's Hat and the Chateau Romani bottle in one cycle
Last updated 03/22/2024 – Exodus