Great Bay Temple

─── First room ───

Boss key skip from first room

Because the load zone for the boss room is below and somewhat near the entrance room, it is possible to reach it with an out of bounds recoil flip.

  1. Backwalk against and past the torch to grab the ledge
  2. Climb, releasing and re-pressing target while climbing to make Link turn around
  3. Pull a bomb and put it down
  4. Transform Zora
  5. Hold A and silghtly right (beyond ESS) out of the transformation to get a ledge clip and automatically drop
  6. Sidehop right twice
  7. Slash right with fins and line up Link's head with the left side of the vertical line in the background
  8. Turn 180 and recoil flip (last 2 frames of bomb timer)

This alternative spends more time setting up all the way into the corner to make the recoil flip more lenient.

─── First waterwheel room ───

Goron waterwheel strat

It's possible to skip turning the underwater turnkey by getting onto the waterwheel as Goron and rolling to the other side.

without fairies

Setup by Pushy

Target the wall in the corner, tap sidehop, and angle Link with an ESS turn or c-up as shown in the video. Dry roll into the water once the platform is down, then turn left, transform Goron, and roll across the wheel with the visual cue shown in the video.

with fairies

After clearing the Tatl text, tap up on the control stick and immediately shield drop a chu. Run forwards a little bit to get around the wall, then shoot the skulltula. Put on the Great Fairy Mask as soon as possible, then follow the same setup used without fairies (see above). The second fairy sometimes doesn't directly into Link; if it begins circling instead, go for the roll across the waterwheel, then put the Great Fairy Mask back on on the opposite side to get the fairy to come to Link.

Hover past the yellow pump

Four distance hovers span the gap.

─── Central room ───

Turnkey Skip

This grants access to rooms that are only meant to be accessed after changing the first waterwheel's direction.

Out of bounds swimming method

Discovered by Gigo

Link will void out if he's ever swimming in water that doesn't have ground beneath it, so this setup aims to keep him above the tunnel the entire time.

  1. Zora ledge clip in the corner shown
  2. Target after falling into the water
  3. Tap right, then target again and press A to swim
  4. When the center of the HUD's day clock (blue/green diamond) reaches the visible corner of the in bounds area, hold up-right briefly, then hold up-left for a second or so
  5. Release the control stick and fall into the tunnel, holding target to skip the fall damage animation

To load the room, transform human, get in the corner between the loaded water and the wall, crouch stab right to push Link into the water, and superswim until the room loads.

Original video by Gigo

Hover + cutscene dive method

Discovered by Kaztalek

Load the waterwheel room and align Link to the left of the dark line on the wall. This is directly underneath the only OoB location in the tunnel, so it won't work on a different wall. Do 3 wall hovers up, making sure to get an angle change. On the next hover, hold up to stop your momentum, and end your hover once under the tunnel. Once there, turn around (use map cursor to help) and do distance hovers back until the background turns blue. At that point, dive with a full bottle or trade item and you will land in the tunnel. The current will take you into the room as it is reversed from what it would normally be.

Hover to upper green turnkey

This requires hovering five times and unlocking the camera before transforming to Zora and grabbing the ledge. Hovering is extremely laggy here, so timing the camera unlock is awkward.

Boss key skip with out of bounds swim

Link will void out if he's ever swimming in water that doesn't have ground beneath it, so this setup aims to keep him above the tunnel the entire time. See the video below for demonstrations with and without collision view on.

  1. Get rid of the barrel and target the wall at the spot shown in the video (not very precise)
  2. Tap backflip
  3. Sidehop and continue holding A to automatically drop
  4. After Link hits the water, begin holding right, then begin holding A very soon afterward
  5. When the visible border is partway across Link's body, switch to holding up (pause buffer for safety)
  6. When the red pipe is no longer on the screen (bottom left corner), switch to holding up-right
  7. When the middle underwater pole in the background goes off the left side of the screen, release the control stick
  8. After a moment, release A and hold up-right to reach the load zone; holding A to swim for too long will cause a voidout
  9. For safety, press B after falling a little to begin a jumpslash if Link is barely too far away

─── Map room ───

Hover to seesaw room door

This video shows how to hover to the upper door from all three of the nearest platforms.

─── Compass room ───

Early boss key

There are several ways to get the boss key without fighting Gekko. The fastest is a jump as Zora. To set up the jump from the biobaba door, target and shield turn up-right; if setting up without that initial angle, target the wall that the biobaba door is on and shield turn down-left or target the wall behind the two pots and shield turn up-left. From here, hold target until the end of the jump. Get to the area behind the pots, then hold up/up-left to make Link run up-left, as opposed to sidestepping left. Roll shortly before reaching the edge and let go of A so Link jumps instead of diving. If Link gets stuck bouncing instead of grabbing, hold R and mash B until he does a jump attack to land in the window.

The video below demonstrates the jump described above, the ice arrow method, and the Zora long jump method.

─── Second waterwheel room ───

Long jump and hookshot to upper fairy chest

  1. From the seesaw room door, pull a bomb immediately
  2. Target the right wall and line up near the edge
  3. Long jump to the axle
  4. Dry roll
  5. Turn left and dry roll again
  6. Sidehop right and hold up to bend the sidehop forwards
  7. Run and roll off the paddle to the waterwheel, lining up with the wall texture as shown in the video
  8. Pull the hookshot and release it when the reticle appears on the chest

Recoil flip to upper fairy chest

Recoil flip towards the alcove when the platform is at the top of its range. This is useful as a backup for the long jump strat above.

─── Upper green turnkey room ───

Hookshot up from the door

To skip using ice arrows to get to the fairy chest as intended, use one of the two options shown in the video below:

  1. Enter through the middle of the door, then hookshot straight up. Use a chu recoil to land on the back lip of the platform, then hookshot to the fairy chest.
  2. Roll left, then hookshot the far edge of the hookshot target. Jumpslash immediately after the hookshot and hold in the direction Link is facing so the jumpslash gets enough distance to land.

─── Boss door room ───

Hover to the boss door

Four distance hovers span the gap.

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