─── Great Bay Coast ───

Mikau walking cutscene skip

For all methods, it is useful to know that Mikau's walking cutscene begins when he touches the shore. Because of his rising and falling animation in the water, it is possible for him to be in a position where the cutscene hasn't triggered yet but will trigger when he reaches a low part of his animation.

Timestop and superslide method

  1. Push Mikau and count Link's grunts
  2. Right as Link grunts for the 16th time, stop pushing Mikau and get onto the shore
  3. Get bomb timestop with roughly the angle shown in the video below to make backwalking easy with the timestop camera
  4. Push Mikau a little bit more so that he's in a position where his cutscene will activate before Link leaves the area
  5. Backwalk to Zora Cape
  6. Return to Great Bay Coast
  7. Superslide back to Mikau and play Song of Healing

Song of Double Time method (Eng)

On the English version, playing SoDT while Mikau is in a position where he will touch the shore at the bottom of his rising and falling animation will start the walking cutscene as the game fades for the SoDT cutscene, skipping the walking cutscene.

Tutorial on audio cues for SoDT method by SampleName

Goron method

New Wave Bossa Nova cutscene skip

Between pulling out the ocarina to learn NWBN and the song staff appearing, there is a 1f window for any input, and additional frame afterward when it's still possible to pause. NWBN is already in the inventory by this point, so to skip the cutscene, either

  • press the ocarina button on the first of the 2 frames, or
  • press start on either of the 2 frames, then press the ocarina button during unpause lag

and then soar away. Because this is larger than a 1f window, many runners choose to mash start or start + ocarina rather than timing the input. The video below demonstrates mashing start and shows that NWBN is in the inventory after pausing.

─── Zora Cape ───

Turtle cutscene skip

It is possible to skip the cutscene of the turtle rising by pause buffering one frame at a time between playing New Wave Bossa Nova and reaching the load zone for Zora Hall.

  1. Target the wall close enough to the entrance that two tap sidehops will let Link play New Wave Bossa Nova for Lulu
  2. Tap sidehop left twice; tap sidehops move Link forwards so that only 3 frames of movement are needed in step 8
  3. Turn left and pull out the ocarina (if the jingle plays when the ocarina comes out, the song will count)
  4. Play NWBN
  5. Pause frame perfectly (see below) to begin pause buffer cutscene skip
  6. On buffered frame 1, target
  7. On buffered frame 2, input up and A to begin an inverted sidehop
  8. Buffer for 3 frames of Link visibly moving (no inputs)
  9. Unpause to enter Zora Hall

The first pause in this cutscene skip is frame perfect, as there's only one frame for input between playing the song and the cutscene beginning. One way to time this start press is watching the song textbox and reacting to one of its elements disappearing. The c-button notes disappear on one frame, then the textbox disappears on the next frame.

Pirate cutscene skip

Hookshotting the turtle's left tree far enough to the left side will cause Link to land in an area that doesn't trigger the cutscene of going to Great Bay Temple. From here, we can skip the cutscene by activating timestop, touching the cutscene trigger, deactivating timestop near the load zone for Zora Hall, and then pause buffering to enter Zora Hall to prevent the cutscene from triggering. This skips not only the cutscene of the pirates' shipwreck but also some of the cutscenes of the turtle leaving Zora Hall and arriving at Great Bay Temple that usually play on the first visit to the dungeon.

Setup for hookshotting tree by bewildebeest

As seen in the video above:

  1. Exit Zora Hall as zora at full speed
  2. Turn or shield turn left without moving
  3. 6 targeted single slashes (first one can start untargeted as long as targeting begins by the end of the slash)
  4. Transform (if zora shield turn moved slightly, do one untargeted slash as human after transforming)
  5. Turn or shield turn right without moving
  6. Stab to edge
  7. Shoot hookshot when tree starts moving up
Explanation by SampleName

Zora high ledge grab

This ledge grab saves time reaching the fairy fountain. If you fail this, you can climb onto this platform with a Zora transform ledge grab.

Last updated 04/08/2024 – bewildebeest