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As soon as you enter the boss room you can perform a jumpslash into the intro cutscene (making sure not to store Deku Stick damage as Odolwa is immune to Deku Sticks) to store damage for Power Crouch Stabbing on the Japanese version.

Odolwa with power crouch stab (JP)

Using Power Crouch Stabbing you are able to stun-lock Odolwa, preventing the fight from proceeding to the 2nd phase.

Standard Fight Strategy/One Cycle (English Version)

Discovered by FullGrownGaming

Due to Power Crouch Stabbing being patched in the English version, a slightly different strat is used.

Fight Strategy/One Cycle (Great Fairy Sword)

Discovered by ???

Using the increased damage of the Great Fairy Sword, you are able to kill Odolwa with a single jumpslash and quickspin.

Odolwa with Deku Sword

Stand behind Odolwa to avoid letting Link fall off the flower.

Last updated 03/23/2024 – Jake