Woodfall Temple

First Room Flower Skip

Discovered by Kazooie

In the first room of the temple, you are normally required to use the Deku Flowers to fly across the room. However, one can skip all but the last flower by simply equipping the Deku Mask, walking to the right wall where the tree meets the wall, and backflipping onto it, at which point you may simply climb it and shoot directly from the flower to the door to the next room. If the hookshot is available, it can also be used to shoot straight to either torch on the final ledge.

First Room Fairy

The fairy in the chest in the first room may be reached with a simple long jump to the ledge. The flower is an alternative if you lack bombs, and the hookshot can also be used if it is available.

Reaching the Bow

There are a number of different ways to quickly reach the area with the bow. The most commonly used method is a bomb hover followed by three chu hovers across the gap in the second room. With good accuracy, one may also shoot the hookshot at the torch inside the pillar beside the ledge and jump to it from there. Using the hookshot is faster than hovering, but bombs and chus are more readily available.

Jumpslash Recoil to the Bow

Discovered by Pokey

In situations where neither bombs or the hookshot can be used, the temple must be explored in its entirety. Before the bow is accessed, there is a room with several moving platforms and dragonflies that normally must be crossed in order to reach the bow. However, using a precise jumpslash recoil on the farthest right hole in the ground will take you to the ledge with the bow and skip the moving platforms.

Fairy Chest Switch

In order to reach one of the fairies in the second room, a switch in the northeast corner of the room must be pressed to cause the chest containing the fairy to appear. The switch can be reached simply by roll jumping to the platform holding the switch.

Skipping the Key

When exploring Woodfall Temple normally, a single key is required to access every room. However, the same methods used to access the bow early allow one to access the rooms in the temple normally blocked by a locked door by taking the stairs and going through them in reverse.

Boss Key Early

When the room containing the Boss Key is entered, a forced fight will occur which normally must be completed to reach the boss key. However, by using a bomb to flip over the turtle and then hookshot clipping, it is possible to enter the chamber with the boss key chest without defeating the mini-boss.

  1. Use 2 jumpslashes on the frog.
  2. After the turtle cutscene has played, roll over to the grating by the chamber containing the boss key.
  3. Place a bomb and sidehop to the left as the turtle is charging towards you to avoid getting hit.
  4. After the turtle had been knocked over, use it to hookshot clip through the grating. If the turtle does not land close enough to the grating, you can push it closer.
  5. Immediately after clipping press B to do a jumpslash.

In order to escape the chamber, the Song of Soaring must be played to return to the entrance of the temple.

Final Room Strategy

When skipping the Boss Key is not possible, it is necessary to traverse the room immediately before the boss room, which takes quite a bit of time. However, the puzzles can be skipped using the hookshot. Simply stand on the platform near the center of the room with the Deku Flower, and fire the hookshot at either torch on the ledge with the boss door.

Last updated 07/26/2021 – Jake