Woodfall Temple

─── First room ───

First Room Flower Skip

Discovered by Kazooie

In the first room of the temple, you are normally required to use the Deku Flowers to fly across the room. However, one can skip all but the last flower by simply equipping the Deku Mask, walking to the right wall where the tree meets the wall, and backflipping onto it, at which point you may simply climb it and shoot directly from the flower to the door to the next room.

─── Central room ───

Megaflip to torch

without c-up

This method is fast if you need to pause to equip something anyway.

  1. Open the door on the right side
  2. Hold down coming out of Tatl's text
  3. Pause on the 3rd possible frame (2nd frame of Link walking)
  4. Shield drop a bomb and get ISG
  5. Back walk to the ledge and hover once (hover length not very important)
  6. Megaflip to the torch

with c-up

This is slower than the optimal method but is easier. Simply aim at the torch in first person, then get ISG, backwalk, and hover once towards it. The length of the hover is not very important. Then megaflip to the torch.

Recoil jump to torch

Setup by Jimmie1717

This method of reaching the torch without hookshot is slower and far more difficult than hovering, so it is only recommended for use in No ISG categories.

  1. Target the wall on the right side of the bright line on the outside of the yellow
  2. Backwalk off the ledge and climb back up
  3. Quickdraw the sword
  4. Jump attack and release target midair so that Link takes a step back after landing
  5. ESS shuffle without changing facing angle and continue holding L for the remainder of the trick
  6. Pull a bomb
  7. Buffer to the 2nd red frame of the 3rd quick flash
  8. Buffer down + shield for 1f
  9. Release shield, hold down-right and roll
  10. On the 1st or 2nd frame of Link's jump, buffer and switch to holding up-left (if done correctly, bomb will be on big red frame or first explosion frame)
  11. Still holding up-left, pull a bombchu
  12. Buffer to the frame Link's head and the chu are just beneath the slant of the platform
  13. Buffer shield for 1f
  14. Release shield and unpause to land on torch

Hookshot to recessed torch from below

It's possible to hookshot up to the torch from near the center pot on the platform with five pots, or from by either pot on the platform under the torch.

Action swap to skip torch puzzle

Get action swap using Tatl's puzzle text by the switch, then shoot the lit arrow from atop the flower to reach the torch.

Hookshot to torch by switch

The hookshot will only latch onto the very top of this torch. This is precise and only works from some positions, so it is best to use the same position every time.

Long jump from switch

This video demonstrates the long jump and taking extra damage from a second bomb for an upcoming deathwarp.

─── Map room ───

Snappers with 1.5h damage

In preparation for a fast deathwarp after getting the map. This fast deathwarp is not precise.

─── Block puzzle room ───

Weirdshot to skip burning web

From the area shown in the video, a 1st or 2nd frame weirdshot can reach the torch.

─── Upstairs dragonfly room ───

Jumpslash recoil to upper level of first floor

Upstairs boss key skip

This skip can be broken down into the pillar hover and the hover to Odolwa.

Pillar hover

The simplest way to perform this hover is to bomb hover from the Deku flower, do 2 chu hovers and unlock the camera, and transform Zora while holding down to grab the top of the pillar. Avoid targeting while facing into the room if the dragonflies are still alive. After hovering to the top of the pillar, perform a Zora ledge clip to get inside the pillar out of bounds.

Hover to Odolwa

From inside the pillar, 3 correctly directed megaflips will make it to the Odolwa load zone. There are several variations on this; the video below shows an example with one hover followed by 3 megasidehops.

Notes: - It is important to get ISG while the camera is still facing the wall so that you don't accidentally target the dragonflies when lining up to hover/megaflip - Pause buffering the megaflips/sidehops and even the ISG is recommended for beginners, as failing any step of this hover can result in falling into an unloaded room and needing to soar back to the dungeon entrance to either try again or get the boss key

─── Boss door room ───

Boss key skip with hookslide

  1. Backwalk to grab the ledge where the green vertical line is and climb back up
  2. Aim the hookshot on the right side of the torch (not very precise)
  3. Activate remote hookshot
  4. Press hookshot
  5. Before Link pulls the hookshot out, equip over the hookshot to enter the remote hookshot hover state
  6. Re-equip the hookshot and press it to hookslide through the boss door
Last updated 04/09/2024 – bewildebeest