Weird B

Weird B is a glitch which allows you to use B Button Action IDs as if they were Item IDs. Many masks put special actions on the B Button, such as Punch, March, Dance, Pound, and Dive. When you perform Weird B, you will use an item which has the same value as the B Button Action. The resulting item is different on the US and JP versions.

Weird B Results Table

IDB Button ActionItem (US)Item (JP)
7Dive (Zora)BombchuBombchu
10Blank (Goron Spike Roll)Magic BeanMagic Bean
24Explode (Blast)MilkMilk
25Dance (Kamaro)Milk (1/2)Milk (1/2)
26March (Bremen)FishFish
38Punch (Goron, Zora)Hylian LoachSea Horse
39Pound (Goron)Obaba's DrinkChateau Romani
41Shoot (Deku)Land Title DeedObaba's Drink

Methods to Perform

Punch and Shoot with Saving at Owl Statues on Epona (US only)

Save at an Owl Statue on Epona, then reload the save and put on a transformation mask. Get off Epona for Weird B. This was the original Weird B method.

Punch and Shoot with Epona Storage

Punch and Shoot with Cremia's Carriage Ride

Punch and Shoot with Honey & Darling

Explode, Dance, and March with Deku Stick

Goron Pound

Zora Dive

Simply press B on the first frame you land underwater after pressing B to dive as Zora to pull a bombchu.

Goron Spike Roll into Goron Elder Cutscene

With Mask Storage and Epona

With Gibdo House

Other Uses

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