Weird B

Weird B is a glitch which allows you to use B Button Action IDs as if they were Item IDs. Weird B occurs when a transformation has a an Blank B button. Many masks put special actions on the B Button, such as Punch, March, Dance, Pound, and Dive. When you perform Weird B, you will use an item which has the same value as the B Button Action. The resulting item is different on the US and JP versions.

Weird B Results Table

IDB Button ActionItem (US)Item (JP)
7Dive (Zora)BombchuBombchu
10Blank (Goron Spike Roll)Magic BeanMagic Bean
24Explode (Blast)MilkMilk
25Dance (Kamaro)Milk (1/2)Milk (1/2)
26March (Bremen)FishFish
38Punch (Goron, Zora)Hylian LoachSea Horse
39Pound (Goron)Obaba's DrinkChateau Romani
41Shoot (Deku)Land Title DeedObaba's Drink

Methods for getting an Blank B button as a Transformation

Saving at Owl Statues on Epona (US only)

Save at an Owl Statue on Epona, then reload the save and put on a transformation mask. Get off Epona for Weird B. This was the original Weird B method.

Epona Storage

Cremia's Carriage Ride

Honey & Darling

With Epona and Alternate Ranch

Gibdo House with Blank Human B

With Epona and Mask Storage

Using Other Weird B values

In order to use the Weird B values below, the transformation you are using must already have an blank B button using one of the methods above.

Explode, Dance, and March with Deku Stick or GFS

Goron Pound

After Goron Link has an blank B button, press B on the first frame of uncurling to drink Chateau Romani or Obaba's Drink, depending on the version of the game you are on.

Zora Dive

After Zora Link has an blank B button, simply press B on the first frame you land underwater after pressing B to dive as Zora to pull a bombchu. It also works on the first frame you reach shore. This is shown in the video above.

Goron Spike Roll into Goron Elder Cutscene

Other Uses

Weird B can be used with 0th Day to get a bottle on human B.

Last updated 12/23/2023 – Exodus