Event-Based Door Skips

There are many doors in the game that only become openable after a certain event. Typically they require a particular time of day, engaging in a sidequest, or both. It is generally much faster to avoid these requirements by clipping out of bounds to touch the loading zone from behind.

Indextrick (Curiosity Shop Backroom clip)

Discovered by Indextic

Named for its original discoverer, this trick enables you to clip into the backroom of the Curiousity Shop using a Deku recoil. This enables you to get in at any time of any day. Typically this is most useful on Day 3 since the Curiosity Shop man will always be back here and ready to give you the Keaton Mask and the Expressmail to Mama, even if you did not engage in the Kafei and Anju sidequest this cycle.

A modern, fast setup for this trick is shown below. If you prefer, it's also possible to use c-up to line up if you pull bomb later.

Curiosity Shop Clip

Milk Bar Clip

Ground Clip

Setup by Blini

Honey and Darling Clip

Ground Clip

Setup by Gigo

Mayor's Residence Hover

Goron Shrine Clip

Typically entering the goron shrine requires talking to the goron and watching a lengthy cutscene of the door opening (or goron pounding in front of the door). Clipping through can be slightly faster.

Ground Clip From the Top

Discovered by Blini and Eumeus14

Ground Clip From the Bottom

Discovered by Seedborn

Seam Walk

Discovered by ???

Music Box House clip

Remote Hookshot Clip

Setup by JakeZSR

Hookshot Clip

Setup by Draconif Z

Recoil Flip

Setup by Kaztalek
Last updated 07/26/2021 – Jake