Ice Arrows

Discovered by various

Great Bay Temple

In an Any% run, the Boss Key skip will allow you to skip the entirety of the temple, and is generally faster.

If the Boss Key skip can't be used (like in a impromptu race), the Ice Arrows still can be skipped through creative use of the Ground Jump, Long Jump, and Hovering.

Refer to the Great Bay Temple page for all the necessary tricks to do so.

Ikana Canyon

The bridge here is the only other place the Ice Arrows are "needed" (to freeze the Octorocks so you can jump across by using them as platforms). Unlike the other examples, no glitches are needed, as Nintendo managed to put one of the Hookshot trees within reach of the opposite bank.

However, it's faster to utilize the Alternate Exit trick from the Zora Cape Fairy Fountain to reach the top of Ikana Canyon.

Alternatively, it's even faster hit the Hidden Owl and visit Goron Village at least once so that you can Index Warp directly to the owl statue at the top of Stone Tower. From here you can either go into the temple, or you can fall all the way down to the entrance if there's things you need to do in Ikana Canyon (for instance, getting Gibdo Mask in All Masks or 100%).

Last updated 09/19/2020 – Rylie