Any% NMG (no ISG)

This route is for JP Wii VC, which is the optimal version for this category. The object of this category is to beat the game without using ISG, SRM, ACE, or Text Overflow.

This category makes ample use of bomb tricks such as hovers, HESSes, superslides, and long jumps, so you may want to familiarize yourself with those techniques first via the links under "Techniques" on the left sidebar. Some setups also use these fundamental movement techniques.

Equips are notated as (e.g.)

  • || || () -- [Deku Palace]

where the location in red text refers to the map point set for the next Index Warp, and the item in parentheses shows which slot the item before it is equipped over (here, ocarina is equipped on the bow slot). Bomb, bombchu, and rupee counts and health are notated as [b, c, r, h] where relevant. See Common Terms and Abbreviations for other acronyms.

First cycle

  • Watch Clock Town cutscene
  • Enter ECT and take flower to inn upper door
  • Listen to Granny's overnight story twice (bottom text option) to advance to Day 3
  • Go to WCT (via SCT)
  • Enter trading post and speak to scarecrow (bottom text option) to advance to Night 3
  • Go to ECT (via SCT)
  • Use flower to catch stray fairy
  • Backwalk past guard to TF
  • Collect 99r from bushes
  • Enter NCT and get magic from fairy fountain
  • Go to WCT (via SCT) and deposit 99r in the bank
  • Go to SCT and gainer or twisted backflip to Clock Tower door
  • Enter Clock Tower after midnight cutscene

  • Shoot Skull Kid with a bubble
  • Pick up Ocarina of Time and learn SoT
    • || blank || blank
  • Play SoT in Clock Tower and console reset after pressing A to confirm (top text option)
  • Load file and enter lower Clock Tower doors
  • Speak to Happy Mask Salesman to get Deku Mask and learn SoH
  • Exit Clock Tower

Sonata of Awakening

The only important IGT points are getting past 10pm before getting to the Curiosity Shop, still being night at hookshot, and ideally getting the day transition during GBT

  • Go to WCT and withdraw 99r from the bank [9r]
  • Buy bomb bag and 10 chus [20b, 10c, 9r]
    • || ||
  • Exit to TF with recoil flip past guard or by talking to guard [19b, 10c]

  • Superslide or HESS to gossip stone near swamp entrance [18b, 10c, 9r]
  • Skull Kid cutscene skip (SoDT method to clear cutscene) [16b, 10c, 9r, 2.5h]
  • Superslide to Southern Swamp
  • Transform Deku and hop left to big octo
  • Pick up both blue rupees [16b, 10c, 19r, 2.5h]
  • Big octo skip with long jump [15b, 10c, 19r, 1.5h]
  • Enter Deku Palace
  • Skip guards [14b, 10c, 19r, 1.5h]
  • Go right for 26r [14b, 10c, 45r, 1.5h]
  • Bomb boost to flower platform [14b, 10c, 45r, 1h]
  • Fly to next flower and then to load zone
  • Transform Deku and learn Sonata of Awakening

Woodfall Temple 1

  • Exit Deku Palace
  • Ledge popup and learn Song of Soaring
  • Enter Woodfall
  • Get to Woodfall owl statue platform and get stick from pot
  • Raise Woodfall Temple and enter

  • Kazooie flip and go to central room [13b, 9c, 45r, 0.5h]
    • || ||
  • Recoil jump to torch
  • Enter east wing and then dinofols room
  • Dinofols with Kokiri sword or deku stick jumpslash power crouchstab (don't die yet)
  • Get bow and deathwarp with bomb, then exit dungeon [12b, 9c, 45r, 0.5h]
    • Bow text is too long to get a fast deathwarp
    • Soaring out instead costs 6s

Bottle and Clock Town

  • Deku shield recoil to exit Woodfall
    • || ||
  • Shoot big octo with arrow
  • Deku hop to path to potion shop with beehive red rupee along the way [12b, 9c, 65r]
  • HESS to WoM [11b, 9c, 65r]
  • HESS through WoM (Day 1) [10b, 9c, 65r]
  • Talk to Koume and exit WoM
  • Enter potion shop and talk to Kotake for bottle with red potion
  • Exit shop and kill baba for deku nut as human (text is slower as Deku)
    • || ||
  • Deku hop to shore by Tourist Center, drink red potion, and fill bottle with springwater (Takkuri can steal potions but not water)
  • Spin through bushes out of Southern Swamp [10b, 9c, 70r]
  • Superslide to TF [9b, 9c, 70r]
  • HESS to Takkuri near Milk Road entrance [8b, 9c, 70r]
    • While waiting for Takkuri, slash grass for bombs, rupees, and arrows
  • Get sword stolen by Takkuri (RNG)
  • HESS to WCT entrance [7b, 9c, 70r]
    • Somewhere around here, equip ocarina and play ISoT; want it to still be night at hookshot, and ideally the day transition will occur while inside GBT
  • Inside Curiosity Shop:
    • Get Deku Sword without fish [7b, 9c, 20r]
    • Dupe the bottle over deku nuts [7b, 9c, 40r]
    • If you are below 30r, use the empty bottle to sell extra springwater
    • Sell springwater normally [7b, 9c, 60r]
  • Exit shop and transform human by Rosa sisters
    • || ||
  • Hit hidden owl statue (action swap method)
  • Exit Clock Town after seeing owl statue finish its animation (Index Warp will not work if you leave without watching it)

Moon's Tear and Hookshot

  • HESS to north corner of observatory fence [6b, 9c, 60r]
  • Clip through fence and enter observatory [5b, 9c, 60r]
  • Zoom in on Skull Kid on Clock Tower for Moon's Tear
  • Exit and collect Moon's Tear
    • || ||

  • Soar to Great Bay Coast
  • Recoil flip with chu and superswim to Mikau (Day 1) [5b, 8c, 60r]
  • Mikau walking cutscene skip with timestop and superslide [3b, 8c, 60r]
  • Play SoH for Zora Mask
  • HESS to north shore as Zora [2b, 8c, 60r]
    • || || -- after pulling bomb for HESS
  • Superswim or swim to PF entrance

Getting to Great Bay Temple

Great Bay Temple

Getting to Snowhead Temple

  • || || -- [Deku Palace]
  • Soar to Mountain Village
  • Get bomb drop from snowball [11b, 8c, 60r]
  • Superslide to Twin Islands [10b, 8c, 60r]
  • Traverse Twin Islands to Goron Village for map point
    • [Clock Town], no equip
  • Soar to Milk Road
  • Enter racetrack and buy milk [10b, 8c, 10r]
    • [Romani Ranch], no equip
  • Soar to Snowhead
  • Get bomb drop [15b, 8c]
  • Equip swap full milk over Moon's Tear slot
    • () || || ()
  • Lullaby Skip (Zora slash hover method)
    • () || || ()

Snowhead Temple

Woodfall Temple 2

  • () || || -- [Snowhead]
  • Soar to Woodfall
  • Re-enter Woodfall Temple
  • Spin across first room and hookshot up to torch to enter central room
  • Hookshot recessed torch and jump to platform with switch
    • || ||
  • Action swap to skip torch puzzle and enter north door
    • If you fail to get action swap, do the puzzle normally
  • Shoot dragonflies, jump down, and hookshot up to boss door
  • Equip swap full milk over Moon's Tear slot
    • () || || ()
  • Boss key skip with hookslide
    • || ||
  • Odolwa with Deku Sword
    • Kill Odolwa near the middle of the arena so the remains don't spawn on the flower
    • || ||
  • Songless Remains Escape and deathwarp with chus [12b, 2c]
    • || ||

Getting to Stone Tower Temple

Stone Tower Temple

Inverted Stone Tower Temple

Getting to the Moon

  • Soar to Clock Town
    • If you want, equip swap full milk over Moon's Tear slot to have extra milk for safety on Majora; otherwise, simply equip full milk
    • || || ()
  • Hookslide into Clock Tower
    • || ||
  • Play Oath to Order


  • Superslide Majora child to enter fight
    • || ||
  • Majora's Mask with Deku Sword
  • Majora's Incarnation with Deku Sword
  • Majora's Wrath with Deku Sword
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