Flippers Dungeon

Flippers Dungeon

ALBW Flippers TDungeon

Recommended Items: Flippers, Hookshot, Bombs

Total Rupees: 150

Titan's Mitt Skip

Discovered By RickWithAnH

Use an Ice Rod Clip on either side of the dungeon's entrance, slashing the sword to cancel Link's momentum after moving under the iceberg.

You should easily clip into the geometry and be able to walk into the dungeon's entrance. Flippers are not required.

Strategy: Nice Bombs

This can be performed with or without Flippers. See also: Completing this dungeon without Flippers

Strategy: Hookshot

Hitting the Switches

There are a few crystal switches you are supposed to use the Boomerang to hit, but there are a few others way to do so.


Animation Storage

Sword Beams


Last updated 08/31/2023 – RickWithAnH