Enemy Boost

Crow Boost

  1. Lure a Crow close to the edge from which Link will jump off, and somewhat close to the thing you want to get on as well.
  2. Position Link between the enemy and the thing you want to get on top of. Get him as close as possible to the edge, without actually jumping off just now.
  3. At the last instant before the enemy hits you, jump off the edge.

Power Glove Skip

Discovered By TDutchNick96

Flipperless House of Gales

Discovered By RickWithAnH

See also: Flipperless Adventure

Vulture Boost

Desert Palace Portal without Sand Rod

Discovered By ???

See also: Vulture Damage Boost

Green Soldier Boost

Road Skip

Discovered By RoadAgain

See also: Road Skip

Last updated 08/31/2023 – RickWithAnH