Sand Hopping

Discovered By minimini352

Sand Hopping is a technique that allows Link, while standing on sand pillars created by the Sand Rod, to create and jump to a new sand pillar without falling to the ground as the original pillars collapse.

How To

This is a difficult trick and requires practice to perform successfully. Timing is very important.

  1. Begin with Link standing on a Sand Pillar
  2. Position Link to create a new Sand Pillar, have him hang just slightly over the edge of the pillar
  3. Use the Sand Rod
  4. Wait a very small number of frames so as to not cancel creating the pillar
  5. Press SELECT to open the Item Menu (don't use the touch screen button)
  6. Unequip the Sand Rod (animation cancel) and equip the Tornado Rod (if not already equipped)
  7. Press SELECT
  8. Immediately use the Tornado Rod while holding the circle pad in the direction of the newly created pillar

If done correctly, the new pillar will form as the old ones collapse, and Link will Tornado Rod Jump without ever falling and land on the new pillar.

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Last updated 09/28/2023 – RickWithAnH