Bomb Boost

Discovered By Weegeechan


How To

  1. Place a Bomb as close as possible to the edge from which Link will jump off, and somewhat close to the thing you want to get on as well. Sometimes you may have to throw the Bomb from a position further away in order to get it close enough to the edge.
  2. Position Link between the Bomb and the thing you want to get on top of. Get him as close as possible to the edge, without actually jumping off just now.
  3. At the last instant before the Bomb explodes, jump off the edge.

The timing to get the trick is very precise. It works with both Bombs and Nice Bombs, although the Nice ones make it a bit easier to pull off.

Current Known Uses

Due to the difficulty of performing Bomb Boosts by jumping off a ledge, and the fact that other damamge boosting methods are easier to pull off, it generally isn't used in speedruns. Nonetheless, here are the current potential uses:

Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH