Item Attack Power


Sword Base Damage Sword Beams Spin Attack Great Spin Purple Potion
Forgotten Sword 1 N/A 2 4* 4
Master Sword 2 1 4 8 8
Master Sword Lv2 3 1.5 6 12 12
Master Sword Lv3 4 2 8 16 16

*It's not possible to have the Great Spin with the Forgotten Sword in the vanilla game, but it does still have a damage value and unique animation.


ItemRented / Normal Nice / Super Stuns? Activates Switches?
Boomerang0 (1)*0 (1)*Yes (No)*Yes
Fire Rod12NoNo
Hookshot0 (1)*1YesYes
Ice Rod11NoYes
Sand Rod00YesNo
Tornado Rod01YesNo
Foul Fruit0N/AYesNo
Purple Potion4x Current Sword DamageNoNo

*The Boomerang and regular Hookshot will do 1 point of damage to Baris, Bees and a few other enemies in the game. Enemies that can be damaged by it will not be stunned after being hit.

Last updated 04/22/2023 – RickWithAnH