Merge Warp

Discovered By CloudMax, Refined By Anwonu And RheaultWnage

In a select few rooms, it is possible to store a merge location near a wall, move away from it and merge into a wall near the stored location while standing in specific other places in the room. The areas in which the glitch works contain certain rectangular regions, which we will call merge rectangles. The invisible "walls" that surround those rectangles represent the exact places where you can trigger the merge warp and be teleported to the previously stored location.

How To

  1. Stand at a mergable wall located outside of the merge rectangles.
  2. Use Pegasus Boots or charge an item (such as the Bow, Sand Rod, etc.) to move away from the wall and all the way until you are inside one of the merge rectangles. This will store the merge location.
  3. Walk to one of the edge of the rectangle you are standing in.
  4. Press A on the correct frame when you "touch" the edge of the rectangle and Link will enter his merge animation and be instantly teleported to the stored location.

Failing to press A at the correct time will cancel the glitch and a new merge location will have to be stored.

This trick currently has no use. It might be possible to pull it off in some other areas not known as of now.

Kakariko Merge Rectangles

ALBW Kakariko Merge Warp Rectangles

The southwest rectangle has only 3 invisible "walls" that can be used for the glitch, the fourth one most likely being past the trees to the south. Similarly, the southeast rectangle only has 2, the other 2 being unreachable due to the transition zones between Kakariko and the other overworld maps.

Lorule Castle Merge Rectangles

ALBW Lorule Castle Merge Rectangles

Only two "walls" are available to be merged on and are at the beginning and end of the bridge.

Thieves' Hideout B1 Merge Rectangles

ALBW Thieves Merge Rectangles

Both rectangles share a common "wall".

Lorule Castle 2F, 3F And 4F Merge Rectangles

ALBW Lorule Castle 2F Merge Rectangle ALBW Lorule Castle Merge Warp Rectangle ALBW Lorule Castle 4F Merge Rectangle

The 2F rectangle appears to have no accessible west and south "walls". Although it is possible to stand into the 4F rectangle and fall down directly into the 3F one, doing so will cancel any location that might have been stored previously on 4F.

Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH