Recoil Jump

Discovered By Linkshot


Some objects and enemies in the game will make the Sword recoil when you hit them, knocking Link back a great deal. If you're standing near a ledge, the recoil will cause Link to jump high in the air.

How To

  1. Find an object to recoil off. It has to be in range of the edge of an higher ground area.
  2. Get on the higher ground and position yourself close to the edge.
  3. Charge a spin attack and release it so it hits the object.

Depending on the position of the object, Link might Recoil Jump in a certain direction, or Recoil Jump in place and land back where he was. While the first case might grant you access to other areas by itself, the second case needs a little help from Bombs to be useful.

Combining Recoil Jump and Bomb Boosting

By placing a Bomb near you before you perform a Recoil Jump, you can get damaged at the start of your jump and get pushed on top of things or past others. The timing required to pull this off is very precise, but is a bit more lenient if you're using the Nice Bombs. This method is currently used to skip the Lorule Castle Trials.

Current Known Uses

Due to the specific conditions to do this technique, not many skips have been found. The timing is also very precise so some of these skips are hard to do.

Last updated 07/03/2022 – RickWithAnH